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15 Tips to Optimize Conversion through Checkout Pages!

By | 22 May 2018

When it comes to conversion rate, no one wants to leave this aspect neglected. It is important that you check and tweak almost every page with proven techniques that can help you turn website visitors into customers. it is important that you not only test your website for usability and improved conversion but also keep […]

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7 Tips for Better ECommerce Web Design

By | 17 May 2018

  Growing use of internet, mobile and most importantly access to latest gadgets has resulted in tremendous changes the way we live our life. Buying through internet as it allows users more convenient experience is one of the biggest change we are witnessing. The share of e commerce in total global retail sales was 7% […]

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7 Tips For A Mobile Friendly Web Design

By | 10 May 2018

Mobile friendly web design is essential .As you might already be aware of Google`s latest algorithm that penalized the websites that were not mobile friendly. Web masters named it “Mobilegeddon” and it resulted in decreasing the ranking of non-mobile friendly webpages. So as mobile users has already surpassed desktop users, I am sure don’t want […]

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Landing page conversion rate tips

5 Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion rates.

By | 07 May 2018

Websites are emerging as one of the most important asset for your business marketing and growth. You may have spent enormous time and money while developing it. However if it does not do any good for your business then all go waste. Have you ever thought what your visitors do after they land on your […]

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5 Ways to Speed up your Website.

By | 03 May 2018

Fast loading website is not only important for search engine ranking, but also required for better conversion rate. Although every business owner want their website to be loaded with extra features but without proper consideration of how it will affect the speed of your website, it might be disastrous.  You must always remember that fast […]

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How to Make Your Website a Better Salesperson?

By | 26 April 2018

Internet economy is growing globally at an unprecedented rate. As a result, having a good website where users can buy your product and services or explore more information has become more important than ever before. Not only having a website is essential but it should also have everything that can turn website visitors into customers. […]

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