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website-security corporate web design dubai

5 Ways to Increase Website Security without Compromising Usability

By | 16 July 2018

Setting up corporate website or ecommerce web portal design requires considerable amount of time, energy and resource. As your customers becomes familiar to them and start visiting them explore more about your business, products and service , you don’t want them go offline even for few minutes. However with growing threats from hackers, almost every […]

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increase website engagement_Website design dubai

5 ways to increase website visitors engagement.

By | 11 July 2018

The purpose of every website is sell products or services to the target market. This is not usually possible if your website is not successfully engaging the visitors. Even if visitors don’t make a purchase they should come back to get something for their interests. In case you are able to keep up the interest […]

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How and why you should Add XML sitemap to your web design?

By | 03 July 2018

You are reading this because either you have interest in webdesign or own a website that you want to perform better. Have you heard about sitemaps?  It is mainly a way to direct website visitors to the page of your website. It is typically formatted in html. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing […]

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How to improve Credibility of your website?

By | 01 July 2018

On line success is not possible without winning the trust of customers. As your business presence revolves around web design, it should have all the elements that a customer needs and want. Unless your website looks credible and authentic to customers, they are not going to trust you and make a purchase.  Today, with thousands […]

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PHP_web_design company Dubai

Why do we use PHP for Web Development?

By | 21 June 2018

When you are going for web design and development, then the choice of web development languages is important consideration. At Whitehats Design, we can develop website in almost all web development framework and languages however, we do believe in certain requirements PHP is usually the best choice for web development. Many of our clients ask […]

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Animation design Dubai tips

6 ways to use Animations in your Web Design.

By | 20 June 2018

Latest web design trends show that the role of animation in corporate web design is becoming more important and significant. While this trend is expected to stay shortly, it is important to understand the ways to use these animations in web design effectively. The use of animation in web design is not new; it was […]

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