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How Often You Should Redesign your Website?

By | 04 March 2018

Website redesigning is not something that you want to do very often. However, if you don’t do it often enough your company will certainly lose the way it is perceived by customers. As compared to others, customers will believe you are completely out of touch with modern technological changes and trends.  I am sure if […]

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You Know , You Need A Web Design Company When….

By | 28 February 2018

With growing internet users, online presence has become essential for every type and size of businesses. However many small businesses make a mistake, they try to cut costs as much as possible and that includes web design and development too. Many of such businesses either don’t have their website and if they do they don’t […]

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8 Reasons Your Website is Turning Customers Away.

By | 25 February 2018

Your website is live for a few months now, and on the surface, everything seems well, all the graphics, content and other design elements are in place, but you notice for some reason bounce rate is quite high. It seems, people visit the website but leave too quickly or without making any purchase.  It might […]

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How & Why You Should Have SEO Friendly Web Design?

By | 14 February 2018

Although in the past, the actual web design of the page does not have all that much to do with SEO but now things are much different as in many ways page design can affect your SEO efforts. For example, web designers who were using tables for styling and designing web pages can no longer […]

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Mobile Commerce – The new Frontier for E-commerce?

By | 12 February 2018

With the increased popularity of mobile phone devices, the trend of online shopping has increased significantly. In some countries, it has affected traditional way of doing businesses to that extent that some famous high street brands have gone out of business because their customers have started buying online more often and it is no more […]

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E-Commerce Trends For 2018.

By | 23 January 2018

As we are approaching to a new era of digital transformation e-commerce has gone beyond buying something on a website to a series of interactions that heavily rely on technology. Although e-commerce is growing at an exponential rate, in-store shopping still counts for 90% of retail shopping. According to a research today at least 56% […]

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