You may have heard from many people who know (SEO) Search Engine Optimization techniques that content is the kind. However, one thing that you can never ignore is the visuals and graphics elements. If you don’t have reasonable use of graphics then you will fail to engage users. As a result, your all SEO efforts will go in vain. Not only should you have appropriate use of graphical elements with the content. You must also optimize these elements so it can help your SEO efforts as well.  You might have heard a lot about content optimization but have you ever heard about graphics optimization. How does it impact your search engine ranking?

Here in this article, we are discussing about graphics optimization for websites.

Why does it really matter?

Before getting any deeper into the topic, let us have a look why we need to optimize graphics. The first thing is that why we ask for reasonable use of graphics elements because users like it and feel more engaged to it rather than text-only content. However non optimized graphics content may lead to the slow speed of your website. If your website is slow then it will have a number of problems. For example, search engines may not rank your website higher due to its loading speed as it affects user experience. Perhaps it should not take more than 5 seconds to load because studies show users leave the website that takes longer to load. You must remember experts associate 1-second increase in loading speed with 2% increase in conversion rate. There might be a variety of reasons why your website may be slow but one of them is for sure use of heavy images and graphics. The first step in increasing the speed of your website is to know what is your current website loading speed.

Let’s have a look at how to find it out.

How to Check Your Website Loading Speed?

It`s not difficult to check your website speed. You just need online tools that will help you to find out time/speed of the website. You may find few popular tools through internet search easily for example Pagespeedinsights from Google is an excellent way of checking website speed. Another one is is also a reliable tool that will help you to find out website speed.

How to improve website loading speed through graphics optimization?

There are many factors that play important role in the speed of your website. However, we often see graphics to the most common reason for slow speed website. So what can be the solution to this problem? How can you manage and optimize graphics in a way that they don’t become an obstacle for your website conversion?

Here we have few crucial tools and techniques can help you optimize an entire website.

First most important and the often overlooked issue is a selection of file types. It may directly affect the quality and size of the graphics. You should surely use high-quality graphics but not at the price of speed. Choose the file types wisely and avoid opting for BTTPs or any other similar types of graphics that have heavy size. We recommend you to choose files types like .JPG .PNG and .GIF etc.

The second thing to consider is resizing your image rather than putting it up as it is, especially if you have picked it up from the stock website. It is important because these stock websites keep images in high resolution that is often heavy and takes a lot to time to load. Now, you may think about how you can resize the image? That `s simple, just Google it and you will find many free tools that will significantly reduce the image size.

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