Looking back on 2017, I think it’s safe to say that it was a good year for WordPress and web design, in general. Sure, there were stories about security breaches and examples of branding gone bad, but that kind of stuff is inevitable when you consider how many websites are in existence. Design related trends keep on changing with time, here we have specifically discussed web design and development trends related to use of wordpress

Use of Website Builders.

With the availability of thousands of wordpress themes available, it can rather difficult to create a website design that is unique and look truly your own. However this trend is now changing slowly because we can expect designers to become more democratized in terms of making website. One of the reason behind this is extensive use of website builders that provides us what you see is what you get interface decreasing the threshold of web designers to demonstrate their creativity. It enables less experienced web designers ability to create new website quickly. WordPress is keeping its focus on this type of functionalities in near future. There have been many popular website builders for wordpress, but now wordpress itself is getting in this area as well. With the release of Gutenberg editor, we can expect addition of more functionality that will allow you to customize different areas of web design. As Gutenberg editor is released with wordpress 5, there can be huge changes the way it is used for designing purposes.

Minimalist and Flat Web Designs.

We have seen the popularity of flat design during last few years and it seems it will continue to be popular choice due to many good reasons. This type of web design that is focused towards minimalism, simplicity, color, clarity and plenty of whitespace give good alternative to the business who have just started their business. Such minimalism based design will focus on content with better loading speed and greater look providing website visitor’s information on home page. We believe there will be more flat designed that will be choice of small businesses.

Adventurous Color Palettes.

Many experts believe using appropriate psychology based color scheme can significantly improve chances of your website success. While color scheme related best practices should be followed, there are many ways you can apply bold colors and still remain attractive to the website visitors. What we can expect during 2018, web designer will consider taking their color choice to the extreme giving them unique color scheme that will still attract online customers.

Rule Breaking Typography.

Typography has been an important part of web design. WordPress web designers have been using different types of fonts style to give attractive look to main interface designs. During 2018, we can see major shakeups in typography. We don’t think it will entirely change traditional fonts or main body text will go away however the header text will be used in more stylish ways.

Asymmetrical and Broken Layouts.

In last sections, we talked about minimalist and flat web design, that are all well and good but sometimes all you want is different from clean, neat website design. In last few months we have seen new website where web designers started to break the traditional boundaries of design with deliberately broken grids and asymmetrical designs. Although kind of difficult to design it will require web designers to keeping a fine line between visual appeal and clutter free and usable interface. Within this type of designs the content is well dispersed across the page in unconventional ways while keeping everything visible and readable at glance.

CSS Grid.

From last many years we have seen lot of CSS Grid used that does not change much on loading or show any movements. However, we may soon see huge changes in that as responsive grid types that dynamically changes depending on its display location. You will come across the design where page elements will shrink and reorganize itself on standard screens with real time changes into the size of windows.

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