Websites often need to be redesigned for one reason or another, however, one thing most of them ignore is that businesses totally ignore the SEO element from its redesign phase. People rarely try to understand how their new design will affect their digital marketing strategy. Companies go for a redesign with a particular objective in their mind, therefore, ends up having worse design than its predecessor. It is important that your web design Company guide you through the process. We at whitehats design a web design company in Dubai make sure that our clients are well informed about these changes.


In this article let`s have look how web redesign affects the different elements of digital marketing strategy.



One of the biggest reasons why businesses get their website redesigned is that their website doesn’t simply meet the requirements of the search engine. Therefore businesses try to redesign their website to rank it higher. Since the introduction of Panda by Google websites are trying to eliminate duplicate contents in fear of penalty. So make sure it at first place rather than wait for SEO to start identifying and removing it, secondly, sometimes news and blogs pull in content from post automatically to generate duplicate pages while in E-commerce websites duplicate product description similar items with different specification can have a devastating impact on your ranking in search engine.


Two most common elements that can effect the conversion rate of website due to re-design are authenticity and ease of use, Overall website design should provide users with a sense of authority, Just imagine going on to the website but something and if you don’t feel comfortable paying them money due to poor design then it will fail to convert traffic into customers. Moreover, your website should be simple to navigate that is another design element; it should have a predictable order to follow allowing users to go from one page to another. In case your website is not designed with simplicity it will ultimately end up failing to get conversion rates.

The web design has a huge impact on the user interface for your visitors, from turning the navigation simple, easy to use and to ensure the smooth speed of your website. With new web redesign, you should make sure that your website is as fast as possible. The speed of your website plays an important role in ranking of your website so if you have slow loading website then it will affect user experience and it will be difficult for you to get it ranked.

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Your web design is one of the important elements that can help you in developing a faster relationship with target customers. Your website redesign should revolve around creating a better trust of the target market while making a website.   If you are successful in creating the level of trust that is required by the customers then you will definitely have better chances of success with your website and digital marketing. However, you must never forget that your website design cannot work well without the proper use of taglines, logos, content, and others that also play an important role in creating your brand identity. It`s obvious that your web design will have a direct impact on your branding and digital marketing strategy. Therefore you must consider your brand identity and perspective in context as well.


It can be concluded that the importance of web design impacts on different elements of your brand. From digital marketing elements to SEO and conversion rates that website redesign will have huge impacts on it. Therefore you will need a web design company that has enough experience to understand these complexities, so you can get a website that can have positive effects on your brand image.

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