Web Hosting Services

At Whitehats Design, we aim to provide you with the different types of web hosting services. You can always scale up or down your web hosting services as per your company’s requirements.

Shared Web Hosting Service

At Whitehats Design we know that web hosting should not be something only meant for the big wigs of the business world. Similarly, we also do not want to provide small or medium sized business organizations that kind of web hosting service which fails to deliver. The idea is to provide them with various reliable shared web hosting service options possible. We keep on adding new and more exciting features to ensure that you keep on getting greater value for money that you have invested into our shared web hosting services. The setup behind the shared web hosting service is easy and self-configurable, enabling you to have your website up and running within no time. In a shared web hosting the resources are shared. However, we understand that sharing has a limit and we work hard to make sure that our customers are able to get the value they perceive.

Dedicated Hosting Service

When it comes to dedicated hosting, you need to rely on a company that leaves no stone unturned in providing with the most exclusive resources possible. This is why our dedicated web hosting services are aimed at providing customers with resources that have been meant for their business. We understand that many businesses receive a lot of traffic on their websites. However, they cannot rely on just any other web hosting service for dedicated hosting service. This is why we provide them with virtual servers and virtual dedicated servers. Next time you need dedicated service in Dubai; get in touch with Whitehats Design to get best-in-class web hosting available.

Why Choose
Whitehats Design Hosting ?

There are many web hosting companies in Dubai but we enjoy one of the highest customer retention ratios. There are several reasons why customers stay with us for years and why you need to consider our web hosting services in UAE over other hosting service providers.

Feature Rich Web Hosting Service

At Whitehats Design, we understand that you need a service that offers more than it promises and delivers beyond expectations. Therefore, we aim to be the best web hosting service in UAE by offering more than what we promised in terms of the features. We keep on adding new and more useful web hosting features which would help you derive more value with the same amount of money that you invested. Browse through each of our web hosting services to know more about the various features that we are currently offering to customers.

99% Uptime

It is easier said than done. There are hundreds of web hosting companies in Dubai and every service providers makes that promise. However, time and again, most of these service providers fail to deliver on their promise. We have been in this business to understand that promising a 99% uptime is very difficult. We do not make this promise based on false lies or fake promises. Instead we have a solid IT infrastructure backed by a highly dedicated professional web hosting management team that has years of experience ensuring maximum uptime. When you get web hosting services from Whitehats, you are sure of 99.9% uptime.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Did you ever feel frustrated for posting unattended support tickets? Or do you feel betrayed by your for falling short of excellent tech support? At Whitehats Design, we understand that customers need to have an unmatched support whenever something goes wrong with their web hosting service provider. In order to make sure that you are delivered outstanding support, we have our own in-house tech support system that takes care of all support tickets and escalates the unattended ones to the higher level. Customer support is at the heart of our services and we always strive to exceed previously set standards.

We Invest In Technology

Web hosting is heavily technology dependent business. Server, software, technical staff and infrastructural support all make up to create a highly dependable robust web hosting service. In order to make sure that we keep on delivering our customers high value services, we keep investing into new technologies and software upgrade. This investment ensures that we are able to provide our customers with the latest hardware and software that would ensure high quality web hosting services. Similarly, our team is backed by web hosting industry veterans who understand the challenges posed by this industry and tackle them on regular basis.

Support for All Platforms

At Whitehats Design we understand that different customers use different platforms. A good web hosting service must not restrict you to use a particular platform regardless of the reason. This is why our web hosting solutions are capable of supporting different types of platforms. Whether you want to run your website using a CMS or have a .NET built website uploaded, we have got you covered. Let Whitehats Design’s web hosting solutions take care of all your requirements.