Got a great idea for mobile app? That you believe will attract mobile users. Many of us get such ideal usually; however, most of them never materialize as we may not have the motivation of will to continue working with that idea. To make it possible the first thing we need is the help of someone who has experience in developing mobile applications. You will need someone who has an understanding of the latest trends, who has solid technical background and knowledge.  it even becomes more important when you want to sell something through a mobile application.

Being part of a mobile application development company in Dubai, we often come across people who have a very bad experience with other firms especially freelancers. Most of the times the mobile application development companies or freelancers over promise things that left undelivered in actual application. In addition to that if a person who needs mobile application has less experience about how it should look and work, then he fully depends on you to make their app that not only works very well but also provide the great user experience.

All this is, unfortunately, a reality, so if you are going to hire freelancers for mobile application development then you might be leading to bad experience.

Here we are discussing a few tips that will help you to hire better mobile application development firm.

If you want your mobile application to be successful then you must find someone who can fully understand and discuss your ideas. Hiring someone with the right skills and expertise is not easy. Especially if you are thinking to hire an individual from freelancing website like upwork, or Fiverr then believe me you will never be able to discuss to make them understand your ideas. Why because it’s not easy to communicate clearly or effectively with someone who is sitting far away from you.

At Whitehats design, we always keep a close contact with our clients to develop mobile applications that is built around a user`s requirements. We always discuss what your ideas are and brainstorm different ideas to improve and polish your ideas.

Even before you start discussing your ideas, you must ask the mobile application firm about their portfolios. You must discuss whether they had previously completed projects, especially in the same niche. Having a closer look at their portfolio can provide you a great inside into the capability of the mobile app developer. While you will know how the company works on mobile applications it will increase your confidence on that company. You will know their credibility and reliability because you will see their work for other clients.


If you want to develop a highly successful mobile app then be ready to spend adequately on it. The best result cannot be achieved without that. You may come across mobile application companies that may offer you very low prices however if you want to work with experts then be prepared for to consider their quotes as well. You do understand it’s not wise either to pay unrealistic prices. Therefore, we can give you an idea the normal cost of mobile application development in Dubai range between $30-$50 per hour. You will need to discuss the number of hours that will be required to develop your mobile application.

When you will contact different mobile application development companies, almost everyone will claim they are experts in this area. However, as businessmen it is extremely important that you correctly asses the expertise of mobile application development agency. A good firm will always listen to you patiently and will suggest accordingly in order improving the experience. Experts will not beat around the bush and will quickly pick up your ideas and will discuss it will full confidence. If they are interested in discussing all the aspects then it is a sign that they are experts in their fields.


At Whitehats Design, as a leading mobile application development company in Dubai, we make sure that your mobile app is developed according to your needs and requirements under the supervision of highly experienced mobile application developers and branding experts.






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