Our team continuously works with the new and emerging technologies to ensure that your business gets a uniform brand presence across all channels.

We help you build professional corporate websites, highly interactive UI designs for mobile apps and mobile websites, animation based videos, and ecommerce websites that help you optimize your online sales performance.

We also provide our customers with many other value added IT services. The aim always has been to facilitate our customers as much as possible through high quality services. Our team keeps on searching for more innovative and technologically advanced solutions to present to our customers.

We provide the following services to customers at Whitehats Design.

  • Web Design
  • Corporate Web Design
  • CMS
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Portal Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Animation Designing
  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Solutions


Whitehats is part of the R.Pharaon. & Fils, a Beirut, Lebanon based group established in 1868. Since then, this family owned company has come a long way and has diversified its services into many different fields.

The group has created a remarkable presence in fields of Insurance, Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Agrochemicals, Industrial and Domestic Gases, Flavours and Fragrances, Pharmaceuticals and Medical equipment. Whitehats is the group’s latest launch.

The group was recently listed on the 56th position in Forbes Middle East for making an impact on the Arab World. Due to its ethical standards and commitment to excellence, group is highly regarded in the world of international business and finance. Pharaon group has several businesses either entirely owned or in partnership in various parts of the world which include regions like Middle East, Africa, Europe and off course in its home country, Lebanon.

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Our Standards

We know that discovering and understanding what you need to build in the first place is the most important part of the entire process.

Information Gathering :

The Whitehats team sets up an initial meeting to get an idea of your business, your requirements, and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve your goals.

A series of questions is prepared to understand the scope and the goal of the project. This process gives a brief idea of the following:

  • The client’s target audience
  • The goal of the company website
  • Customer Concept
  • The company’s USP(Unique Selling Point)

Plan :

Based on the data collected, the team starts planning how to work towards the client’s goal. Before designing a website it is essential to know the list of things to be on the website. This serves as a guide as to what content will be on the site and is essential to develop a consistent and easy to understand navigation system. Whitehats also helps the client decide what technology should be implemented in the website.

Design :

After gathering the information, it’s time to decide the look and the feel of the client’s website. It is very essential to keep in mind the target audience while deciding the website. For instance, a site aimed to target children will look much different from a corporate website. We create one or more prototype designs for your website. The mock ups are sent to the client for approval. Once the designs are approved, we step into the next stage.

Development :

This is the point where the website itself is created. The website is designed by developing the home page, followed by the shell for the interior page. Once the page is created, the designer will distribute the content throughout the site. Elements such as site map, blogs and shopping carts are implemented and made more functional during this phase. Whitehats makes sure that your “in progress” website is available for viewing, so that any suggestions or alterations can be made. After development our QA experts make sure we follow the standards to meet the requirements that guide its design and development and satisfy the needs of stakeholders.

Deployment :

At this stage the team attends the final details of your website and checks its functionality. We make sure all the codes written are validated for the website. Once the final design is approved by the client, we deliver it to the client site. We also offer domain name registration and web hosting services. Once these accounts have been set up your website is uploaded to the server.

Maintenance :

We make website maintenance a simple and stress free experience. Customers can always opt in for Annual Maintenance Contracts for their website. We also optimize you website with elements such as title, description and keyword tags to help your website achieve a higher ranking.

Why Whitehats ?

Our Engineers work on the standard principles of Software Development Life Cycle where everything takes place step by step and the final outcome.

The group has been in business for the past 32 years and Whitehats has been providing their services since 2007. The management consists of trained and experienced professionals from the service industry .We are a group of experienced software developers and our engineers are fully trained to understand the problems and solve them by using their technical expertise. Our engineers work on the standard principles of Software Development Life Cycle where everything takes place in a step by step approach and the final outcome is free from errors. Our analysts perform every step with full dedication, the design and developing team fulfills their duty on time to let this system move smoothly.

There is a special team for QA, that tests the software in all possible ways so that our clients have no issues at the time of implementation. The team is delegated the responsibility of support and maintenance of Software Development Life Cycle. We meet the key challenges of legacy websites, reverse engineering heterogeneity, confidentiality, security concerns and maintenance.