Many businessmen who are interested in selling their products online believe that they just need to open a website and customer will start buying from them. Perhaps they are very wrong. Ecommerce web design is just a part of whole business strategy. If you will not properly plan your business it is not going to be successful.

Here in this blog we have covered how you should get start with planning for ecommerce based business.

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  1. What problem will you solve.

You should always start with thinking about a problem. Consider who is facing which problem and can you solve this problem. Can you do it better than competitors? Ask yourself how you can consider yourself a problem solver for a specific segment of the people? So when you start planning about new business, then you must think about solutions and the problems that will solve by you.


  1. What is your target market?

Once you have decided which problems you are going to solve through offering your services online the next step will be to understanding your target market or target audience. You should write down their personality traits so you can offer products according to their needs and requirements.  You must use the 80/20 rule to target most net worth customers. It is important because even if you try very hard you cannot target all of your customers.


  1. What Price are you offering?

One of the most important thing that you must consider is the price at which the service or the products you are offering. Whatever you have been taught in your books the truth is most of the customers will leave you due to high price even if you are offering them good quality. Therefore you must consider keeping prices low at start and gradually build your customer base to establish yourself at a position where you can start charging type of price you want.


  1. What hosting service are you using?

You must understand at an average only 20 seconds on new website and only this period decides whether they are going to explore your website further. In case clients can’t provide customer what he needs then your chances of success are less. In addition to that even if your website loading time is not very good and is like only few seconds then it means your website will not be able to get success as users will not wait more than few seconds to let it load. It is important that you ask your web design company to recommend you the best hosting service provider for your website or in case you want to make this decision at your own then it is important that you consider their reliability before making this big decision.


  1. Who will handle the customer service?

Another most important element of ecommerce website is customer service. As you will be selling products to the customers, you will be well trained customer service assistants. Research shows most of the customer decides not to buy from the company in case they don’t have

Good customer care service. There is always tough competition in online business where many ecommerce website are operating with same niche as yours. Therefore if can’t respond to your customers quickly then they will move on to your competitors.


  1. Don’t Miss Out on Accepting Payments.

 As you are going to sell your products online, one of the most critical factors that must be considered is payment. There will diverse range of customers who would like to pay through different means therefore you must not restrict them to one or two types of payment methods. Try to add almost every payment method that is available. Even you can offer more payment methods on your e commerce website as compared to competitors. This will give you edge over them as well.


So here we have discussed different best practices that you must follow before setting up ecommerce store. If you will contact web Design Company with proper planning and clear vision and targets then you are surely going achieve success. We have only covered few most essential points this blog but you must not forget to follow ecommerce web design best practices during the process of ecommerce website development.

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