Mobile App Design

We are not one of those mobile applications development companies which do not recognize the importance of utilizing limited small screen space intelligently. The idea is to provide you with a mobile app which runs eloquently on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. We understand that when it comes to mobile app develop, design is one of the most important elements. At Whitehats Design we believe in developing a clutter free UI while optimizing the use of design elements like gradients and textures to your advantage. Our mobile app designs are responsive and futuristic. The team of Android and iPhone developers hired by us follow the mobile industry trends very carefully to provide you with mobile app designers which remain valid for a long time.

Mobile App UI

At Whitehats Design, we have served dozens of customers who just want a mobile app UI. We understand that you have a development team of your own that is there to put in the development effort. However, you are looking for the next best UI before you can actually start working on your mobile application. Let Whitehats Design take a measure of your design requirements and provide you with a modern business oriented mobile user interface. The mobile UI development team focuses on ease of use, increase in interaction and better user engagement. There are many reasons why our mobile app development services are preferred by customers.

Cross Platform

At Whitehats Design we have experience working on different platforms using advanced technologies for iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML and others. The cross-platform experience ensures that we can help your business organization get the right kind of mobile app services and solutions. Our team of mobile application developers is well informed and abreast of the latest design and development trends. They will use the latest tools to deliver the best mobile applications.

Industry Wise Coverage

We have developed world class mobile applications in the past. Our capable mobile application developers can provide development services for different industries including finance, travel, consumer technology, real estate and ecommerce. We can draw from our past experiences to easily understand and tackle the challenges of the most difficult mobile app development projects. The Whitehats Design team follows latest mobile application development best practices to ensure best ROI.

Focused Technologies

At Whitehats Design, our developers work on building native apps. This approach allows you to take full advantage of the platform capabilities besides offering high-end user experience. Our developers have developed in-depth understanding of the technologies used to develop mobile applications. There are different purposes for which mobile applications can work.

Operating Systems

At Whitehats Design, we understand that many mobile users use more than one operating system. Our aim is to provide you with the mobile applications that run well with different mobile operating systems. We have mobile application developers who have experience working on different mobile operating systems. Get in touch with Whitehats Design to know more about the mobile operating systems we support in application development.


Android is a mobile operating system owned by Google. It has an ever expanding marketplace called Google Play Store with over 1.6 million apps. These apps have billions of downloads every month. This growing and ever expanding Android play store also means greater competition for your business. No matter what industry you are in or the type of mobile applications you need, there is a very bright possibility that the idea has already been tried before. This is why you need the services of highly professional mobile app development team that understand the market, and reads your requirements carefully. Our android development team has been developing apps for several years and fully capable of delivering projects as per your business needs.


In order to create an iPhone mobile app, a lot of effort is undertaken involving several staff members with varying specialties. At Whitehats Design, our team of iPhone developers takes a well-coordinated effort to develop iOS applications. The idea is to fully understand your requirements and come up with a highly polished final product. Our team understands that you need to set aside a huge budget in order to get an app developed for the iOS operating system. Every effort is made to ensure that the app developed exceeds your expectations and deliver as per your business requirements.

Windows Phone

The team of Windows Phone app developers is well versed with the latest trends in windows mobile app development. They use simple to understand and clean design concepts to give end users an uncluttered experience. This helps reduce the need to type and improve user interactivity. Our team relies upon advance controls to manage onscreen content. At Whitehats Design we use the latest requirement gathering, project management, automated builds, lab management, testing and release management capabilities. The expert Windows Phone mobile app developers also provide recommendations on business model, markets, images and user interface design.