When you think of any brand what comes to your mind is their visual identity. The logo is the most important and the first brand ambassador for any company or business. We see every year brings some new trends while leaving the older one behind. All these new trends define the innovation and upgrades in the industry. Logo designs, being elements of visual identity have a long history of ever-changing trends that are mostly based on changing people`s attitudes toward brands. here we have discussed Logo design trends for 2018.

Let`s have a look at current and future logo design trends.

From last few months, most of the companies have moved back to sleeker and simple logo designs. That means others are also set to follow it. While design sleek and simple design you will need to take care of the following factors

(1) The font will be the most important factor that should work well with all the backgrounds. Therefore, you must take additional precautions while selecting the font.

(2)The logo should have a distinctive appearance in both plain and reverse background.

(3)You must make use of complementary fonts without compromising the simplicity.

From last few months, we have seen logo designers are not afraid to experiment with new colors to give it new distinctive look. We believe the traditional use of colors will be no longer be attractive to designers. They will be using every color known to them. We can expect logos of all hues and tones that will offer a new visual delight for the customers. There can be more often use of additional color with primary color.

There are pretty high chances that type of logos that increase the trust worthiness of the brand will be back in popularity. These types of logos offer unique benefits like

You will see logos of every sizes and shape in 2018. That means it will be different from what we have seen in the past. We believe the consumers have now more inclination and thirst towards creativity and innovation.  The logos that have any types and shapes can stand out in the competition, therefore; this trend will be gain popularity in near future. At whitehats design, our logo designers are well aware of the logo design trends and will produce highly creative logo design for your business that will be visually pleasing for the viewers.

We are on the way to break stereotypes and logo designs are no different. Graphics and web designers are trying to break the boundaries with non-traditional styles. So now freestyle designing is the new style as there are no dos and don’ts of web design. We believe almost every sector will adopt such styles that will eventually become a new norm in the future. However, designers should have a professional approach right from start and not compromise on logo etiquette.

The successful logo is all about hidden yet not so subtle message to consumers. For example, Amazon`s logo having arrow has its own brand story that shows they can deliver products anywhere any time. During 2018, we will see more logos that will contain such messages designed with a focus on creating much-needed smile and excitement on the consumer’s face. Graphics designers should be able to equip themselves to effectively convey brand messages with the simple and sleek design.

It`s been a long era of motionless logos, however, this trend is slowly changing. During 2018 we should expect the companies will be using animated logos more often for their products. The aim of moving logo is to attract more and more people to look at it because not many people expect anything moving as a logo design. However, you should take care that the use of animation is elegant and professional while it should be able to maintain uniformity in almost all mediums.

The taglines are usually used to communicate the brand message or vision of the company is sometimes added. The slogan is a great way to enhance the impacts of the logo. We believe the use of taglines will not only continue but will increase during 2018. What you should care if that your Logo tagline is shorter and powerful as it can be. The ideal location for strategic placement of the tagline is at the base of the logo. You should also consider the font utilization as it will also have a huge impact on overall design.


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