At Whitehats we are always up for following the latest and keeping this in view, we revamped the entire Whitehats Design website. There are different things that we did in order to make sure that we are not another “me too” website that was trying desperately to stand out. Instead, we followed an altogether different approach that focused on creating a unique identity coalescing modernity with the traditional design concepts. Here is a snapshot of things we did at WhitehatsDesign to get the design we currently have.


Content Addition

We were not entirely satisfied with the content on our website. First, it was not elaborate

enough to explain the customers about our services. Secondly, there were many important details missing. We changed this by making sure that focus was giving to each individual page. The entire website content was not just padded but written after a thorough research against each of the service added. This helped us clearly communicate to our customers all the services that we were previously offering but were not able to explain to our customers effectively.


New Services

There were many new services added to the website. The website designing and development industry is changing fast. Some of the web design services which were not considered seriously have now become part and parcel of the overall offering. The CMS based website design Dubai for example have become a lot more popular because of the immense benefits that they offer to the customers. Similarly, we also needed to explain in great detail about the ecommerce platforms in which we are offering services so that customers would be able to know the amount of choice that they have while working with WhitehatsDesign.


Responsive Website

Whitehats Design’s previously WordPress theme was also responsive. However, in order to be considered seriously by our customers and show the level of customization we could offer, we ensured that the website opened differently on different devices. Earlier, it only interchanged between a mobile and a desktop. Now you can see different dimensions of our website on each of the devices you use to access it. This is very important for us to let customers know that every device offers different kind of user experience, and in order to cash onto that, the website needs to adjust accordingly.  Therefore, the website now reacts to the type of device that you are using. So regardless of the pixels of your device, you enjoy premium web viewing experience.


Conceptual Design

At Whitehats we strongly believe that a template based approach is long gone. In order to get customers’ attention, you need to come up with something that has its own personality, charisma and persona. This is why we have developed the new Whitehats Design website on the circus theme. A circus runs on different principles, while apply to a great extent when developing great quality website designs like harmony, rhythm, and unity.


Changed From One Page to Multi-page Layout

Earlier, our website was relying upon the typical one-page website design. This one page design does not only increase scroll which is killing for the website on a small screen device but also kills the SEO. In order to overcome all these issues, we created a multi-page website overcoming issues to customize our URL structure for optimizing SEO, an important component of modern day digital marketing agency in Dubai tactics. This also helped us represent each of our services on a bigger scale, utilizing more screen space without spoiling the online user journey.


Followed Latest Web Design Trends

The new website does not just have face-lift but reflects the latest website designing trends. In order to compete in the industry, we had to come up with an approach no one had thought of. This unique opportunity to re-brand ourselves online was captured with all the potential it offered. Our website does not only look way better but also functions better, taking care of both the front-end and back-end issues simultaneously.


User Friendliness

We also worked on other important aspects of the website. It is easy to make the decision of creating a better responding website; however, we needed to take care of several aspects. We had to ensure that the navigation was friendlier on desktop, tablet and smartphone. The long form pages with loads of content also meant we had to overcome other challenges faced in making it responsive. All aspects of the user engagement were considered. A full contact us page was created, making it super-easy for the end users to get in touch with us. This entire transformation has helped us better showcase our work, improve page views and increase the amount of time users used to stay on our website.

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