You are reading this because either you have interest in webdesign or own a website that you want to perform better. Have you heard about sitemaps?  It is mainly a way to direct website visitors to the page of your website. It is typically formatted in html. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to crawl your website to ensure the web pages are properly identified, counted and indexed by the search engine. It is essential for your SEO efforts that search engine properly crawl your web pages so they can be indexed and shown in search results. At Whitehats, with our web design Dubai service, we always make sure every website we design includes website map for the search engine.

XML sitemap is a file that contains the individual webpage URL`s of your website. it works as archive of webpages in your website. Search Engines looks for this file, and if easily discovered makes it easy for them to crawl all pages of the website.


What the Benefits You Can Expect by Adding a XML Sitemap?

With the help of XML sitemap, you allow search engine crawlers like Google to locate the web pages that are present on your website and the one that are very recently updated. Allowing them to crawl and re index pages quickly.

(i)As you add more pages on your website, and its size increases due to adding more products or blogs it becomes difficult for the search engine to accurately locate different webpages of your website.  This  may lead to missing information while crawling of your website takes place.

(ii)XML sitemap also allows search engine to accurately rank searches by providing data of the website in one and easily accessible location on your website as required.

(iii)An XML sitemap is also important to summarize the frequency of website pages update and keep track and record of any changes in pages with date and time.

How to Add an XML Sitemap?

Creating and adding XML sitemap to your website is not very difficult. However if you don’t know how to add codes or upload files to your website, it can be difficult for you to understand.

If you need XML sitemap in your website, you can contact Whitehats design, our web designers and developers will provide you complete assistance in this regards.

Step-1 Go to

Step-2 Enter your website address in the box, you don’t need to add www. For example just write http// and hit start button.

Step-3 Now you should wait for results to generate. You will get several different files formats here.

Step-4. You must choose the file XML compressed format and add it to public folder on your website server.

Step-5. Once you have added the folder, you must open the website http// and click sign in.

Step-6. After Sign in you will need to make sure that your website is fully verified . you should enter your website address and copy paste the code on the your website homes page.

Step-7.  Once website is verified, you must click on submit a sitemap you should also enter the website url e.g. http// and click submit button.

Step-8. Once submitted and accepts, that`s all done.

Due to the important role of XML sitemaps in search engine results and ranking , it is becoming essential elements that should always be included for every web design. So always make sure XML sitemap is added keep search engine informed and avoid any missing pages from search engine results.

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