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The group has been in business for the past 32 years and Whitehats has been providing their services since 2007. The management consists of trained and experienced professionals from the service industry .We are a group of experienced Software developers and our engineers are trained enough to understand the problems and then solve it by using technical skills. Our Engineers work on the standard principles of Software Development Life Cycle where everything takes place step by step and the final outcome is free from errors. Our analysts perform every step with full dedication, the design and developing team fulfills their duty on time to let this system move smoothly.


There is a special team for QA, which test the software in all possible ways so that our clients do not face any issues at the time of implementation. A special team is delegated the responsibility of support and maintenance of Software development life cycle. We meet the key challenges of legacy websites, reverse engineering heterogeneity, confidentiality, security concerns and maintenance.


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