The fact that you only have a website does not apply if it is not mobile friendly. We have millions of smartphone users around the world who view every websites on their smartphones. Many webmasters have already transitioned from a desktop-only version of their website to a responsive one. There are still many websites that need to adapt to responsive web design. A mobile friendly website increases readability and improves stay time. WhitehatsDesign UAE based Web Design Company in Dubai offers responsive website design services that differentiate your brand and help you stand out from the crowd. Let us have a look at the reasons why responsive website design is considered as one of the best solutions.


Sustains New Changes

A responsive website is here to stay for a long time. As the world is moving towards mobile phones and tablets, it has become mandatory to find a solution which does not become obsolete over time. When you get a responsive website developed, you are making sure that it will go on for a long time without any problems. Regardless of the fact that how the new technology changes and transforms the website viewing experience, a responsive design can take any shape or size available to it.


Helps in SEO

SEO rankings are affected by many things. The increase in number of mobile users visiting websites also means that non-responsive websites will suffer in terms of traffic. For example if you have a website that does not conform to responsive design standards, mobile users will not be able to easily navigate on it and would leave almost as soon as they land onto it. A non-responsive website increases the bounce rate, reduces pageviews per visit and badly impacts stay time, everything going against the SEO norms.


Single Version of Website to Manage

It is not easy to manage different versions of the same website for desktop and mobile. You would have to update content and ensure that it remains the same on both. This update of content, functionality and other things takes a lot more effort to ensure uniformity. When you have a responsive website, it does not need to be created in different versions. One version is sufficient enough to be able to run efficiently on every device and displaying all the content without any worries.


Easy To Navigate

Among the biggest problems faced by users, a non-responsive website makes the life of the visitor a lot more difficult. The website visitor has to zoom-in and out in order to read simple text. And the user has to navigate to each menu item in order to find it and tap on it. A non-responsive website defies the main purpose of an efficient website i.e. to easily find information. A responsive website however has a menu button on the top in center, left or right as per the design requirements.


Fully Compatible with Different Platforms

When we talk about mobile apps, they are both expensive and require a great deal of effort to comply with different platforms. A mobile app that can run on different mobile operating systems, must be separately developed for each of the mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry among others. Mobile friendly or responsive websites do not need to be developed differently for various platforms. Regardless of the mobile operating system that a user is using, they all use a mobile internet browser to access the website. A responsive website also reduces the cost that is incurred in developing mobile apps for different mobile operating systems.


Search Engines like It

Search engines continuously tweak their algorithms. They are always looking at ways to provide their users with high quality search results. They want to find and serve websites to their users which would open easily on their mobile phones. Search engines are left with no option but to serve responsive website results to the users who are already conducting their searches via a smartphone or tablet PC.

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