There are many things that count before you can safely assume that your website has good navigation. One excellent example of website navigation is like a big university with so many departments. When you enter that university, on its reception you are given directions to the different departments. The reception area also provides you with an idea of different places in case there is no clear direction given. In the same way, a new visitor to a website is like someone at a new place who wants to reach a certain place. When a website visitor is not able to get the information that they are looking for, then probably your website’s navigation has some serious issues that need to be sorted out. User experience is something that directly links to navigation. Here are the top reasons why you need to take care of website navigation and make it as smooth as possible for the website visitors.Whitehats a leading Website Design Company in Dubai.


Promotes Purchases

Imagine an ecommerce website that has a poor web design. No matter how good your products or services are, you will not able to sell them if your website visitors are not able to find them. Therefore, it is important to design the navigation which would help the website visitors find the product that they are looking for. It is very important for the website visitors to be able to find the products that they require via the search option given on the top. The website visitors do not want to spend extra time than required when purchasing something. Therefore, a better website has a positive impact on your online revenues.


Promotes Stay Time

Stay time is another important measure that search engines take into consideration when ranking a website. Consider this example that you are trying to find something online. You are able to get hold of the item on a website. But as soon as you land on that website, the navigation has become tricky and you are not able to find your way around. You are not sure if you will be able to find your way back to the home page. On the other hand, you have found a website that has a clear navigation, making it easy for you to go anywhere you would like. You would stay more on that website instead. Therefore good navigation increases stay time.


Decreases Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is defined in simple terms as the percentage of total number of users who landed on any page of your website and did not go on any other page. This usually happens when your website does not offer any value to the users. The users are not invited through pop ups or other ways to visit any other pages. On the other hand, intelligently built websites have a lot more to offer to their visitors. They are always creating ways for you to get the content that you would otherwise not visit. There can be many ways of doing that. Some many involve sophisticated ways, like adding a side menu or something in the footer. While there can be other more creative ways of getting the users to other pages. Something as simple as an anchor text within the body can offer related content options and also help the visitors know about more information. These tactics ensure that you are able to offer greater value to the content that you have offered on your website.


Website Accessible on All Devices

Responsive website is not only the ability to get your viewers display on all devices. It has a lot to do with intelligent website navigation. The idea is to make sure that regardless of the device that your website visitors are using, they are able to view the content without any issues. There are many CMS based solutions that offer mobile version of the same website. Responsive websites have simple to understand menu on the top left, right or center of the website. They provide you with an easy navigation experience. You will not face any problems finding the information. Make sure that your mobile responsive website also has search option that ensures users are able to find information randomly, if they cannot locate it using the navigation menu.

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