With growing internet users, online presence has become essential for every type and size of businesses. However many small businesses make a mistake, they try to cut costs as much as possible and that includes web design and development too. Many of such businesses either don’t have their website and if they do they don’t try to keep it updated and make an effort to make it as better as possible. In addition to that hiring freelancer or any company offering low prices can also heart your branding efforts. Your Website is the face of business online, not investing appropriately or turning a blind eye towards it will ultimately cost you.

Here are few tips for businesses to identify when to seek help from web design company dubai.

It is very important that your website is tuned to load faster on all types of devices. Website visitors don’t wait too long before they decide to leave the website and turn to competitor`s website. As a result, you may lose website visitors and a chance to turn that visitor into a customer. There is a lot web design company can do to make your website load faster by improving the design features. A new design may a great way to get faster website that will benefit your business to attract, retain and convert website visitors into customers.

At Whitehats Design, We have helped many businesses to have websites that load faster but help them to achieve business goals.

Nearly half of websites online today are outdated as technology changes, new tools become available that makes your website look old leaving a bad impression on your customers. You must remember, if your competitor has a better website then you that is designed according to modern trends then they will certainly have an edge over you.  Is yours the one? You must get in touch with web design company dubai to inquire about it.  Especially if it has been few years since you had a website without any web design changes in it.

At Whitehats Design, we specialized in designing websites according to modern trends. Call at +971 4 33 82500 and find out how we can help you with it.

Few years back, having a nonresponsive website was not a big issue but now it is. Because at least half of website visitors prefer to access websites on their mobile phone, tablet PC or Smart TVs where nonresponsive website does not look good and fit onto the screen. As a result, you lose website visitors and potential customers. In addition to that very recently Google has started penalizing websites that do not work on mobile device. So today it has become biggest sin that can leave your website without any traffic.

At Whitehats Design, We provide a responsive website that perfectly adjusts itself according to different types of screen sizes. If you don’t have a responsive website, we can make one for you.

If despite having a good website design, you have skyrocket bounce rates then there are probably issues with your web design elements. It may be complicated navigation or it may be difficult for visitors to access the required information. All that means is it needs a redesign to make it better and more accessible for online customers.

In all cases, your web design company may help to find out what might be the best solution for your problem.

It is an era of technology; every business is trying to use it to improve their business prospects. One of the biggest reason that makes you think, you need the help of web design company is that your competitors have got better looking, more engaging and modern website than you. if this the case, it will not take a longer for you to lose your customer base. You should always try to make it better and more appealing than your competitors as it will affect your business directly.

You must discuss it with your web design company in Dubai and they should be able to suggest a better design that can better fit with your specific niche of business.

At Whitehats Design, We conduct competitors’ analysis before starting a web design to make an idea how web design can help your business in gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. Call at +971 4 33 82500 and we will be happy to help you with it.


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