HTML5 and CSS3 are the 2 coding languages that have become the reasons for content rich and responsive websites that today we see all around the cyber space. HTML5 is modification in the markup language known as Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) in order to accommodate much more content based on multimedia. HTML is a language that enables any browser to showcase the data which is client side readable. The original data that is received by a browser for a particular webpage is very different and is in the form of an HTML and in case you ever have an urge that how does that HTML based data looks like, all you have to press is CTRL+U. A huge page filled with codes, tags and colored text will appear in front of you.

HTML4 which was approved back in 1997 was getting more and more obsolete in the face of multimedia rich data being encoded in the language. Even larger companies like Apple were removing plugins like Flash and Java from HTML in order to save space. This paved way for HTML5 which is much more efficient and friendly for web developers to add in different multimedia based content.

CSS which is abbreviated form of Cascading Style Sheets is another language that enhances the user interface. If HTML is the crust of your pizza then CSS is the topping. CSS3 has added several new features to the style sheet language like text animation, rounding and styling. A developer can also use features like Multi-column layout, Ruby and selectors with the help of this new iteration in CSS family.

Even giants like Microsoft has started adopting the language for their own good as it can be seen in the Internet Explorer 9. Interestingly both HTML5 and CSS3 fall under the jurisdiction of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Both HTML5 and CSS3 has provided developers with an option to generate content which is decorated with visual effects, eye-catching user interface and pages whose loading time is much more faster.

Whitehats developers are well versed not only in use of HTML5 and CSS3 but other coding languages as well in order to provide content rich and user-friendly website to their customers.

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