Most of the people believe a successful website is the one that looks pleasing to the eyes, is fully functional and easy to navigate through. However, having all these elements do not mean it will be successful in attracting, engaging and converting your website’s visitors into customers. With all these elements in place if your website is not able to position itself higher on search engine then it will probably fail to do any good for your business. What many people don’t know is that certain elements related to web design can hurt your website`s chances of success. That means with certain design elements your website will not rank in the search engine as it should.

Here are the few things that you should keep in mind to avoid any such situation.

Dynamic Websites.

Dynamic websites are good for providing users interactive environment. But in dynamic websites, webpage content keeps changing according to the needs of users.  It has one downfall that dynamic website can become difficult to be optimized for search engine.  It is due to non-consistency in content and ever-changing URLs. While same titles and meta tags are used for the same website that creates problems for Search Engine Optimization efforts.

If you need the very well optimized website then you must keep in mind, not to use tricky dynamic website URLs.  You must configure a Mod rewrite to generate SEO friendly URLs as well as provide different titles and Meta tags.

Using Flash Elements.

Although the use of flash in web design is on the decrease and certain search engines can successfully crawl and index flash files. Generally, it is difficult to rank well with the flash files on the search engine. Therefore, you should keep in mind, for the best SEO results the use of flash elements should be minimized or avoided completely.  Remember, never to use flash elements as an essential part of website`s navigation.

Using HTML Frames.

HTML frames are usually used to divide contents on the webpage.   However, the downside of these frames is that these can result in blocking your HTML frames from indexing.  In order to avoid this problem, you must not use it all together in your web pages layout.  As an alternative, you can make use of CSS and PHP that offer similar appearance on webpage while keeping it SEO friendly.

Sites with Little/No Content.

When it comes to SEO, the content is considered as the King. Content on the page helps search engine algorithm learn what your page is all about. It is well-known fact that Search engine rank highly and prefer websites with lot of content.  If there is no, less or poor quality content on your website then search engine will not value it. In order to avoid this problem, you must improve both quality and quantity of website content.

Longer Website loading and file download time.

Since Google has made changes to its algorithm, website loading time has also become a major contributing factor in the ranking of your website.  For whatever reason, If your website is slow then it will be difficult for you to get it indexed.  The longer loading time means losing customers who are visiting your website and want to make the purchase.

So keep your web design elements small in size so it does not affect the speed of websites.  It will also help search engine bots to crawl and index content as well as will not make your customers leave due to slow loading websites.

Using Content Management Systems.

While there are many different CMS available, not every system is equipped with necessary tools for SEO mark-ups. Although, they can be helpful in managing the content of your website. In order to keep your website SEO friendly, you must only use Content Management System that has a basic function for content management, keywords, and better control.

 Use of Redirects.

When you have website redirects, it helps retain your website traffic. However, in case you don’t set it up correctly then it may redirect to mix indexing. Redirecting from an older URL to new or slightly different from off domain name you are already using can negatively affect search engine ranking. This problem can be resolved by using 301 redirects that will help your new website getting search engine indexed as well.

Excessive use of Inline JavaScript and CSS.

Java scripts may be used to spice up your webpage to some extent. However, these scripts if used can increase in loading time.  That means it will make your web page heavier to load making it going down on search engine.


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