Many businesses don’t realize it, but in many ways, the design of their website can potentially affect your sales. Either you are directly selling your products online or trying to persuade your online users to call you in both cases it has direct sales effects. Even smaller design elements can make or break your business by decreasing or increasing conversion rates.  Here we have discussed few design elements that your web design company Dubai should consider while developing your website. OR you must look for Web Development Company that has knowledge and ability to design your website considering these elements.

“In a crowded market, having a website that simply serves as a brochure is no longer competitive.”  2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report


If you have an e-commerce based website, then you must make sure that your shopping cart is visible, so your customers have peace of mind while browsing through the website that they have already placed one item for purchase.  TIn addition to that, there should be a small area that should list some items in the customer’s cart and other information related to checkout. In case you don’t have an e-commerce based website then your website should have a clear direction for what customers who are interested in buying your products and services.


If your website has a number of hidden menus and navigation paths, then it can be very ineffective making leaving your shoppers frustrated. Therefore you must completely avoid such hidden elements from your page completely.

However having too many categories in your menu, where whenever customer mouse over them they fly out can be an effective way to keep your page well managed that will provide website users to access any page through following a logical navigation path.Following these best practices, your customers will always thank you through better conversion rates.



Website visitors respond differently to different “calls to action” at your website. For example, if “add to cart” is there but calls for indirect action to explore more details then it is highly unlikely that your website visitors will act on it. However, if you use to add to cart button specifically for buy now that affects more positively and will get a better response from customers.  Use of colors at your website also effects your conversion rates as Blue and green are gentle colors that will persuade people to follow up, where orange and red colors can potentially hurt the performance of your website. Your web development company in UAE should be able to assist you in this regard.


Web design has more become all about browsing experience. If you can provide perfect online shopping experience, then you may significantly improve your sales. If your web design is complex and customers feel it difficult to browse through it, then they are less likely to make a purchase. It may also become one of the biggest reasons for increased bounce rate. Always avoid asking website visitors to fill large unnecessary forms. Make your website to load faster, with simple navigation and predictable layout.


It is customer’s behavior that they only buy from you when their conviction is more than their level of uncertainty and risk associated with the purchase. Above all, they feel convinced to buy from you when they can clearly see and evaluate your expertise. It is because you have experience and knowledge about problems they are facing.  Every element of your web design should convey a message that you know what you say, and you can help people and solve their problem and fulfill their needs. Keep only one goal in mind that attracting customers and solving their problems.


In many cases, the only difference between making the purchase not making purchase depend entirely on the level of customer trust. It is important that your website has all possible product details and information on it.  If you have an e-commerce based website then always use high-quality photos with the rotation so that customers could view it from every side. It is also important they feel comfortable while sharing their financial information on your website while making a purchase.


You must avoid using stock images that are stock photography of business people, and board meeting that has extensively been used is now becoming a big turn off for customers.  Instead, you must use bespoke, attractive photography of your own products, models or real team members to establish a better level of trust.  It will feel more authentic. Therefore, it will take more efficient way to convert website visitors into customers.



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