The Internet has become an important part of our lives in recent years. From our daily shopping to banking and reading news we are now spending more time on it more than ever before. This has fueled demand for web developers while the scope of skill set expected from web developer is becoming broader. While getting your website developed, you must understand how web design and development trends are changing so you can get your website designed and developed as per latest emerging trends.

Let’s have a look latest emerging technology trends that will change web design and development in future.

Artificial Intelligence.

 Whenever we talk about future, we can’t ignore artificial intelligence. All the major companies are releasing new tools for public use all developed with the integration of artificial intelligence based programs to improve its efficiency. Either to improve search results or to find inconsistencies from the text like Wikipedia AI is quickly becoming part of everything. We may soon expect some form of AI integration with web development tools, where developers will be able to make use of AI-based tools to design a website in more efficient way. Amazon Web, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure Services all offer AI-based tools that can be used by developers

Virtual Reality.

Another emerging trend that seems to gain popularity is virtual reality. Many companies including Google are working on it to make it part of the web. We may soon expect virtual reality technology into the web. As the standard develops, you can expect more and more web-based application developed using virtual reality. In future, we will have extensive utilization of virtual reality used on the website to give visitors a better experience.

Internet of Things (IoT).

We are on the verge of a new era of internet named as the Internet of Things where almost every household and other items including medical equipment, cars, TVs, etc. will be connected to the internet that will be sending and receiving data on a continuous basis. Although web developers may not be directly involved in the creation of such devices, however, these devices while connecting to the internet will need some sort of user interface that will require the development of applications so that it will bring an exciting new challenge for web developers.

Real-Time Analytics.

The demand for real-time analytics will grow in future. All businesses will extensively use this analytics, and they will be using these tools on their websites, many of them will demand a direct link to these applications so they can directly relate to sales performance, traffic on their website. A web developer should know about working with different analytics tools. Companies will also make use of Real-time analytics to analyze big data to decide which data is more important than another. So this retained data will be used for decision-making purposes.

Web design evolution.

 For the web designers, there is will few changes that you should look out for over the next few years. The first trend will be the use of movement-based interfaces that will become an essential part of web design. Perhaps in combination with libraries such as tracking.js, interfaces that respond to our hand movements will soon become a reality. There will also be the rise of visual, graphics, videos and storytelling tools in the website.

 The use of Static Website Generators.

The use of static website generators that is often used to create website pages automatically from plain text can offer some advantages like increased speed, improved security, and ease of deployment. However, all these pages are generated with almost no content or comments that are an essential need for the web today.  With the popularity of content delivery networks, APIs has become more and more part of the web as it is easier for content and template deployments, many developers believe it’s an exciting area to watch for shortly.

Use of Chatbots and more Personalized User Experience.

The purpose of chatbots is to make things easier and provide the more personalized user experience. Shortly, you will see more use of these chatbots while these will be developed with the help of artificial intelligence means they will be better at assisting users. In addition to that, the future will become more conversation B2B and B2C. Furthermore, the conversational user interface will also become an essential part of every web design.  The first website with conversational UI has already been developed and has become increasingly popular as well.


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