Over the last few years, we have seen lot of changes in the way we design websites. This change is not limited to particular element of graphics, user interface or web design. Website navigation perhaps is one the most important element that allows users to browse through web pages without hassle. Usually taken for granted, it plays in vital role in getting website visitors to view more than just a home page.

Today we see website designers use variety of website navigation that works well with corporate web design, ecommerce web design or web portals.

Here we have discussed top web navigation trends for 2018 that will give you ideas for your next website development project.

This navigation type that is designed to help users to get from one point to all other points on the website. The sticky navbar is kept on fixed place enabling users to navigate the site from anywhere on the page. The most common use of this style is putting it on the top of the screen where users can scroll down to explore more content. We see many web design themes comes with this type of navigation bar by default. This works very well if you have many navigation items it will help to keep it fixed. You can customize it improve its functionality according to your need for example US Magazine uses this type of navigation by making it shrink as user scroll down the page.

Most commonly used by magazine style blog websites. The difference between Mega menus and drop down Manu is that it will expand wider rather than downward vertically. It mostly used where multiple columns of the contents needs to be displayed.  This type of menus can be great for the website with loads of content. it`s not good style of mobile screens , due to small size and less space however it gives used excellent sense of the content placed on your website for desktop users.

This trend can be great idea for the corporate web designs, where businesses need to showcase their multiple brands on single website. Disney `s website is an example of using universal navigation bar, it is kept on every page, where it can draw attention of website visitors to other brands from the same company.  However, use of universal navigation bar is not just exclusive to conglomerates; it can also be used on networks of multiple websites.  Universal navigation provides an excellent way to link multiple brands together giving them unified identity as well as draw attention of website users to less known brands from same business.

Another trend that is growing is use of vertical navigation. It works very well with multiple types of websites. Particularly, you will see it on web design company and portfolio websites. It keeps visible all the times while icons can be linked from side so users can click on them instead of hamburger icons. For many web designers it`s experimental approach but can be great way to showcase your creativity. It may not be easy to create from scratch, however will allow you to play around with different ideals of navigation as compared to traditional approach.

We have seen extensive use of hidden Manu with hamburger icons on the websites in last years. It is great way to clear up space on the screen by removing navigation from the sight. But in reality it does not help visitors to find what they are looking for.  Latest research indicates that various website users struggle with hidden navigation. However it may be changing a growing familiarity with hamburger icons with small phone users can help learn about it.  The best use of globally hidden menus is for the people who understand technology. They can easily understand hamburger menus and go through it. Therefore, if you need web design for tech savvy people then you can definitely use this type of navigation. However you should not forget never to sacrifice usability for style.


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