Fast loading website is not only important for search engine ranking, but also required for better conversion rate. Although every business owner want their website to be loaded with extra features but without proper consideration of how it will affect the speed of your website, it might be disastrous.

 You must always remember that fast website speed comes with some sacrifice and efforts. It will require you to decide what elements improve the user experience and get rid of one that does not.

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In order to provide better user experience to your customers, here are few strategies that will help to get every element right for better website performance.

Mobile First Quality and Speed.

 It is important to ensure that the website you have is developed as mobile first. The era of developing website as responsive for desktop users has changed. The strategy now should be to first develop it for mobile users experience and enhance the experience for bigger devices.  By following this recommendation you will be able to reduce the number of unnecessary dependencies.

 In order to make your website mobile first you should first take a mobile friendly test of the website and then optimize UI and UX for mobile devices. You can use mobile first platform like bmobilized or Duda Mobile to create a mobile version of your website.

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Reduce Image Size.

Most of your website weight is due to images that you use on it. However if image size is appropriately reduced and managed then you can significantly improve the performance website. One way of reducing image size is changing its format like WebP and Jpeg XR can also help reduce image weight up to 50% without compromising the image quality. Image size can also be reduced in any editor and by combing them into CSS sprites to reduce roudtrips that is commonly used technique for combing them all in single image file.

Try a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

 CDN or Content delivery network is a system that is designed to be used with distributed servers to deliver websites, portals and other delivery content depending on user location and content. By using this system the performance of website can be improved because CSS, images, and JavaScript all are delivered to the user through server that is at nearest location of the users. As a result your website is loaded faster

Cache as much as Possible.

 You probably like many others, have heard this term before web cache is term that is mechanism that provide temporary storage of web pages so they require less bandwidth to load. Therefore you must cache as much as possible. Whenever, a visitor arrives at your website, the cache version will be displayed, unless the page is changed since last time you have accessed it.  As a result, the server time is saved, that makes things faster altogether.

Review your Hosting Service Plan.

If you have done almost everything that is discussed above you should also review your web hosting service plan next. You must have a look at it whether you have shared or dedicated hosting service. A shared hosting services means the server at which your website is hosted is shared between many different website. As a result, it may not be able to provide good performance when many people are access the server at the same time. In such cases you may consider opt for dedicated web hosting plan where whole server will be allocated for your website reducing the chances of slowing the access to your website.

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