New Website design trends 2015 seems to be most preferred search query when it comes to website designers spread around the globe. Obviously everyone wants to stay updated with latest trends in website design world and wants to come up with most innovative design. Below you can read most hottest and new website design trends.

New website design trends 2015:

Websites with longer scrolling

Who doesn’t like a large canvas to paint or a huge billboard for putting up an ad? A website is ultimate platform for a business to showcase its services and solutions. Even publishing industry and news website now prefer website designs with larger scrolling feature. Not only does it provide ample space for content but it also seems an appropriate choice for portable gadgets with larger screen sizes.

Multimedia is the new Black


With faster data transfer technology and with GIFs making appropriate replacement for both lengthy videos and static pictures, you must use multimedia to provide much more dynamic website to your client. Embedded codes for videos hosted on YouTube and Dailymotion has helped Multimedia to become part of new website design trends 2015 for website designers. Not only it generates an instant connection with targeted audience but also create an overwhelming impression on them.

Ghost Buttons

When we talk about new website design trends 2015, Ghost Button is something that cannot be missed. They are designed to be empty or semi-transparent by default. They only light up when a cursor hovers over them. As you can imagine, it is highly attractive feature and can add genuine colors to overall website design. It simply follows flat UI design and they can be easily customized in shapes depending upon your choice.

Large image at Background

Now it is becoming more of a norm especially in Banners to use Large Images at background with HD quality. Focus always remains on relativity of image with overall theme of website and website designers put an appropriate content over the image to sustain a sound message. Driven mainly by massive brands, large images at background is a trend that you must utilize next time you sit down to design a website.

Animated Items


Animated Items like Buttons & Off screen elements is among hot favorite and new website design trends 2015. It provides much needed flare to your website design with a subtle flavor of colorfulness. With intimate human relation with animations, user interest is generated naturally and introduction of elements becomes less shaky.

Themes for Personal branding

More and more startups are being established as personal branding initiatives. WordPress themes especially designed for personal branding comes handy to design websites for such startups and companies as it is ranking high in new Website design trends 2015. It not only provides ample opportunities for personal branding of owners but offers satisfactory options for adding interview, portfolios, achievements and interests.

Responsive Web design

Last but not the least, Responsive web design feature is something that is evolving with every new portable gadget offered for sale. Skyrocketing resolutions and screen sizes are something that puts Responsive website design in the category of new website design trends 2015. Demand of a responsive website design is going to become as common as website design itself. Several avenues of innovation are available to fit a website according to screen size of a portable gadgets like Liquid layouts, CSS grid and media queries.

We are sure that after going through these new website design trends 2015, you will surely be able to enhance your work portfolio in year 2015 through some exquisite and trendy website designs.

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