The purpose of every website is sell products or services to the target market. This is not usually possible if your website is not successfully engaging the visitors. Even if visitors don’t make a purchase they should come back to get something for their interests. In case you are able to keep up the interest of customers in the website they will definitely become future customer.  According to estimation nearly 70% to 90% website visitor never comes back after the initial visit. That means most of these websites lack anything that can help website visitors find what they want. Your website should have such elements either content, graphics, videos or any such thing that attract, engage and convert website visitors successfully.  It is important that you may develop a strategy to attract (bring customers to your website) engage (keep them on your website) and convert (turn them into customers). All of these elements are interlinked with each other. For example, when website visitor is engaged for long time will have higher chances of conversion.

Here we have discussed 5 ways that will help you keep the audience engaged.

Everyone knows content is very important part of any website, you should make sure it is readable and interesting. To make it readable, you must never ignore the text of color and the way it fits with the background. With the improvement of readability, you are also telling your customers the content on the website is authentic and worth reading. There Make it better, easy to read, highlight important text. In addition to that don’t write too short or too long content that will also make customers go away. Remember, for SEO purposes you should have at least 300 words and we recommend you to write 500 words to 700 words per page.

Visual content is the first thing that your customers notice on your website. An optimized image and well design page will leave good impression on website visitors. The visual content gives visitors a quick impression on how they perceive your website. In Case you use low-quality images or videos that are not even mobile friendly, you are going leave a very bad first impression on the website visitors. Where possible use real pictures of your team to enhance the credibility of the websit

You must not overwhelm or obsessed with colors. Keeping the design and graphic elements of web design works best. If you will make use of too many graphical elements and try to use sharp colors it will reduce the usability of your website. As a result, your customers will not stay on the website for longer. Make it clutter free, simple and well-focused to make it better for customers.

Call to actions should always be used at appropriate locations on your website. These will trigger customers to make a purchase. We see most of the websites use one call to action per page. However, we suggest you should add more the one on the page; it will keep audience stick to you from the begging till the end and will provide you more chances to get click on these buttons.

Many people believe Popup are irritating and annoying, however, you can use them to get for benefits as well. You can offer discounts and coupons to the visitors who are leaving the website. It may be related to the products they are interested in and reminding them what they wanted to do on the website. These offers may attract these customers to engage the website and make a purchase on the website.


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