Setting up corporate website or ecommerce web portal design requires considerable amount of time, energy and resource. As your customers becomes familiar to them and start visiting them explore more about your business, products and service , you don’t want them go offline even for few minutes. However with growing threats from hackers, almost every website is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Many web master believes that having strong security will affect the usability of the website, however there are many security measures that can be implemented without such compromising.

At Whitehats design , we always suggest our clients for these website security measures that don’t affect usability of the website

Use reCaptcha to Verify Form Submissions

Very first , but not considered to be a user friendly method that we are going to recommend is use of reCaptcha to verify user form submissions. Why it is still important to implement is because it can protect against nearly 90% of possible spam tactics and hacking attacks. Therefore by giving little pain to users, we can significantly improve security of the website.  It requires users to verify they are not bots so it is must to do set up reCaptchas on submissions.

Limit the Plugins You Install (and Keep Them Updated)

Many webmasters makes a big mistake that they download too many plugins in order to enhance the functionality of the website. This includes apps that enhance usability of the website. However , you must remember a good user experience is all about very few elements that includes clean design, easy navigation and faster website loading time etc.

Adding too many unchecked or unvetted plugins that requie to optimize user experience may easily compromise security and integrity of website. Any app may put to at risk of hacking and data theft. Even you will not know the loopholes it leave may give quick access to hackers.  So keep it at minimum only install plugins that are from credible source and yes never forget to keep them updated all the times.

 Create a Secret WP Login Page.

Brut forcing has been considered an easiest way for hackers to crack password through admin dashboard. It a simple dictionary attacks that by apply all possible combination of words can crack any password. There are many automated password cracking tools available online that hackers use for such purpose. However in order conduct this type of attacks hackers need to know URL of the admin page of your website. Most of word press websites use traditional/wp-admin/url for login into their websites means hackers can easily locate which page to target. Therefore strongly advise you to by using the plugin like ManageWP you should change the URL to customized address anything like /my-secret-login and you can stop nearly all brut forcing attacks.

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Invest in an SSL Certificate.

This recommendation is really important, not only for security of the website but now google is also penalizing the websites that don’t have SSL certificates installed on it. This means if you don’t have SSL certificate installed on the website, you are not only compromising the security of the website but also the ranking will go down significantly.  An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is standardized security protocol that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and browsers. The encrypted information is more secure and your customers will feel more confident while providing submitting their information on your website. It also has an advantage of proving protection from interception.  Installing SSL certificate may costs you little but it all worth it.

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Setup Daily Backups.

In terms of user experience, worst thing is that your website goes down without any notice due to cyber-attacks result in hundreds of customers loses access to it. You may not even think but this happens and even most sophisticated security measures cannot fully protect against these types of attacks. Therefore , we always suggest that always take data backup daily if not on weekly basis. In ideal situation it should be one copy local data backup and other one on cloud backup. It will allow you to recover quickly in case any hacker successfully compromises your website.

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