Although in the past, the actual web design of the page does not have all that much to do with SEO but now things are much different as in many ways page design can affect your SEO efforts. For example, web designers who were using tables for styling and designing web pages can no longer use it because this practice is not recommended for SEO purposes. Now use of HTML/CSS by web design company is the standard for the same purposes.  There is now a big difference the way a page is designed in CSS. By using it for style and format purposes there can be three benefits related SEO that can be achieved.

What Makes Div’s Better Than Tables.

You may be wondering, why to prefer Div`s instead of the Tables the answer is there are many ways Div`s are considered better web design practice like these tags can be assigned to a class or have an id. These classes are often needed when there are more than one divs are used in the style. Ids are for single div. All that means is better organization and improved and valid coding that will be beneficial for SEO purposes.

How CSS Makes Less Code On The Page?

The style information for the ids and classes are all written in the CSS file that is separate from the web page.  A website page is linked with CSS file so that a single file can be used to format and style many pages on the website. That means you will not need any style formatting on the actual HTML page.  One of the problems faced by web designers was that they were that they had to write the same code over and over again for elements that are similar to each other. However, with CSS, the code for format purposes is written only once. This code then can be read multiple times for different elements. We at Whitehats Design make sure that all of our developed websites are designed with SEO perspective in mind.


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How Cleaner Code benefits SEO?

While all the elements for web page styling are in the CSS file, there will be very less code required on the actual HTML page that search engine will need to sort out. When the styling code is not on HTML means search engine will spider will index and rank your website page faster.

When they’re not much code for a filter for search engine though, it will more clearly see the content on the page and understand what it is all about. In addition to that CSS also allows the div`s code to be arranged so that most important content goes on top of the webpage that search engine read it first. So cleaner code means better chances of being ranked higher on search engine page.

What’re The Real Benefits of SEO?

In reality, no one other than SERP algorithm creators knows exactly what SEO strategies better-ranking factor than others. In today`s competitive environment, every minor that you can do to be competitive you should do. It will ultimately benefit you. There are a diverse amount of SEO practices that differ significantly from each other. Making sure your web page is designed in the SEO friendly manner is the first step towards having successful SEO strategy.

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