On line success is not possible without winning the trust of customers. As your business presence revolves around web design, it should have all the elements that a customer needs and want. Unless your website looks credible and authentic to customers, they are not going to trust you and make a purchase.  Today, with thousands of websites online, it is important to never to ignore even a minor element of web design that can enhance credibility.

Every customer has a simple question in their mind; can they trust your website?

Always remember, there is 4 types of credibility.

Presumed Credibility.  This is belief that is based on general assumptions for example if we see website URL plus email address at its domain we consider it more credible then simple email id from free email services.

Reputed Credibility.  This credibility is a result of some one`s views as authoritative or credible, for example someone recommending us a website based on his experience or recommendation of others is reputation based credibility.

Surface Credibility.  It is credibility that is result of first impression about product or service, for example how your website look is surface credibility and if it looks professional it will increase surface credibility.

Earned Credibility.  It is result of customers past experience or interaction with your website for example if your website is easy to use it will increase its earned credibility. However a website with broken links will be less credible.

Now the real thing, we know different types of credibility, how we can make sure our website looks more credible then others. There are simply few ways that you can adopt to make sure you have a credible internet presence.

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Ensure your Website is Visually Appealing and Look Professional.     

Your website design is most important element, as research reveals if your website is not designed properly, or does not look good, people will simply reject it. it will not be able to gain trust of a website. A bad design can be simply be seen as company that does not take care of how their website look so it will lose credibility very easily.

Always Mention Physical Office Address and Contact Details on Website.

Many people makes a mistake they intentionally or unintentionally don’t provide their physical address and contact details. You may have your reasons not to give this address as you may be operating from somewhere else but in reality by doing so you will never able to gain trust of your customers as they will presume your business as unauthentic and unreliable.

Make your Phone Number Highly Visible.

Many people just visit your website to get contact details, make it easier for them to contact your, place your phone number at highly visible place on your website. Having your phone number visible at the right place will immediately give your website visitors a look of credibility and authenticity.

Include Testimonials on your Website.

Whenever an online customer decides to make a purchase they almost always look for the older customer testimonials. If you have customers then encourage them to recommend your products to new customers as well. Preferably it should be through video or written reviews placed at your website so others can read easily.

Ensure Social Media Presence.

Social media has emerged as one of the most important customer interaction channel. Customers today usually search your brands and services on social media before deciding to make a purchase. Therefore be active on social media and make sure you interact with customers while try to turn them into online community.

Regularly Update Website Content.

Always keep your website updated with new content. This could change in content, new blogs posts, announcements, news and press releases etc. All of these content update will give customers a sense of surety.  That your website and business is active and busy as usual.

Let Audience know about your team.

Either you are selling products or offering services. it is important that you let customers know your team and their expertise. Providing their name, designation, qualification and expertise on the website can significantly enhance the credibility of your website and business.


Looking for reliable Website Design Company in Dubai? Whitehats Design specializes in developing responsive corporate web designecommerce web design and web portal that are developed according to modern trends


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