Many people believe that setting up a website for their brand or company is enough for their online presence. But since most of the customers are using the internet to search for products it has become easily important that your website should be designed to do a lot more than just providing information about your brand.

Your business will not be successful unless you have a successful website and a website cannot be considered successful unless it attracts, engages website visitors and converts them into customers.

You may have a great product line and competitive prices to offer customers, but in case your website is not designed in convert visitors into customers it will not help your business.

Consider why you need to set up a website it may be one or all of these following reasons


“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson


If your business is not doing good, then poorly designed website may be a reason for it. Therefore you must get it evaluated from well-reputed web design agency and consider redesigning it. For web designs in Dubai, you can follow these web design tricks that will help boost conversion rate.

Competition in the market is growing. It is highly unlikely that there will not be anyone else selling similar products and services in your area. How can you boost your conversion rate? Simply by focusing on your unique selling point. You should not only be aware of how you are different from others, but your website design should revolve around it. In other words, your website is the vehicle that will be used to deliver this message of uniqueness and differentiation from competitors.

Website navigation makes your website usable. Therefore it is very important that you create a simple navigation designed around user experience. A predictable, logical order in navigation can help your website visitors to reach the desired web page easily and quickly. Through navigation, website visitors should be able to understand the whole map of your website


Average Conversion rates vary by industry. E-commerce has lowered conversion rates at 1.84% while Financial Services has highest with 5.01%


There should predictable Website layout.

Your website should be designed in a way that website visitor should easily be able to predict easily where he will be able to find desired content or web page. A simple but attractive layout and web design will do this job in best possible manner. You must make sure every information available at the designated web page. For example, it’s a common practice for e-commerce websites to display customer support phone number at upper right or left corner of web page. You must follow these trends.

 You must make sure your users don’t have to click too many places to reach on desired location or content on your website. If your users’ needs to take more than two clicks to reach intended web pages, then it may increase bounce rates. Therefore to increase website visitor’s conversion rate you should reduce the number of user clicks.

Your website should clearly display “call to action” buttons to persuade website users to take action without any problem.  You can enhance the visibility of call to action buttons by magnifying them throughout your website.

 Your website should be displayed and accessible easily. Therefore you must keep your user’s input minimum. Avoid asking too much information. Let them spend minimum time answering your questions or proving additional information as this may be annoying for some users.

According to latest web design trends,  The use of large but fewer product or other relevant images is growing popularity.  Today`s mobile and computing devices are made to display crisp graphics. Therefore you must take advantage of it.  Make sure your images are high quality and can be displayed easily to mobile users without too much increase in loading time. In addition to that, you must avoid small/tiny images.

What combination of colours you use on your website is a major factor. Choice of colours affects website visitors and when used in a right way can help improve customer engagement and conversion.  You must not use very bold colours or very dull colours. It`s better you conduct some research on colour psychology and understand how different colours affect users. The only good colour combination can attract the attention of website users.

Mobile smartphone users are increasing in numbers. According to research, nearly 40% of total internet users are now accessing websites through their mobiles. It means ignoring this huge number of the audience can be a costly mistake. If your web design in Dubai is not developed to be displayed through the mobile device, then you must get one to improve conversion rate.

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