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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for your Website?

19 December 2017
web hosting service for your website is an important decision that will affect your online presence in many ways. With a number of web hosting services available in the market offering, shared web hosting service, dedicated and cloud-based hosting services. It sometimes causes a lot of confusion among entrepreneurs as they know less about what they should look for while choosing hosting services. There might be many questions in your mind, whether a particular web hosting service is good? What type of web hosting will be appropriate for my website? Are disk storage and bandwidth are most the important factors? Although your Web design company will help you in making the right choice, you may still need to know how this choice should be made.
Here in this blog we will dig deeper into the matter and try to answer all these questions.

You should first assess your hosting needs.

The first step in deciding about hosting service is getting to know your hosting needs. You cannot get further ahead without this assessment so first, you must ask yourself few question. Your choice of web hosting services will be based on answers to these questions.

  • What kind of website are you building?
  • Do want most commonly used WordPress based website?
  • How many users per month are expecting?
  • Will your website need special software?
  • Now you have explored more about your hosting needs. Now you can get further ahead with the selection process.

    Choose the Hosting Service Provider.

    After assessing your needs you the next step should be to choose the hosting service provider. Your web design company in Dubai may suggest you hosting service provider they already work with. However, you must ask following questions to assess their reliability.

  • You should know about hosting service provider `s guaranteed uptime. Ask them what type guarantee that can offer about uptime as unplanned downtime may adversely affect your business.
  • What is the up gradation option for future? You may start small but you should never ignore future possibility for up gradation according to your business growth.
  • What are the hosting service features like (addon domains) based on your needs
  • Is there any difference in signup and renewal?
  • Explore more about hosting C panel.
  • Read terms & conditions of hosting service provider, including shared server usage policy.
  • What about other features like site backup and environmental friendliness
  • What is your choice of Web hosting service?

    Do you want shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual hosting or cloud-based hosting services? all these are different and used for different purposes.
    Shared hosting service is a way of hosting where you will be sharing server resources with many others. While in dedicated hosting services you will have complete control on your server, no resources will be shared, on the other hand in cloud-based hosting service all of you data will be stored in cloud thus will provide you highly reliable service.
    The choice of these hosting types comes down to your particular needs. If you are new and user volume is less shared hosting service will be the best option as it will be most affordable for you. you can always upgrade it to dedicated virtual or cloud hosting services. In case you need highly reliable service then cloud-based hosting and dedicated is the right choice for you.

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