When it comes to conversion rate, no one wants to leave this aspect neglected. It is important that you check and tweak almost every page with proven techniques that can help you turn website visitors into customers. it is important that you not only test your website for usability and improved conversion but also keep applying different techniques and tricks to see if it gives you some improvement regarding the conversion of the website visitors. Homepage and checkout page are most important pages that should always the prime focus of your strategies.

At Whitehats Design, when you opt for our web design service, we make a full effort in applying all such tweaks and tricks that can help your conversion rate. Here are 15 tips based on our experience that will help you improve your website`s usability, content structure, and design to achieve better conversion rate optimization.

Tip # 1. Single Page Checkout.    You must make sure that your web design checkout process is completed on a single page as it will reduce the number of clicks required to place an order. You must ensure to make it smooth and easy as much as possible.

Tip # 2. Make it Clutter Free.    Your checkout page must be clutter free, therefore you much remove all extra clutter on that page and only keep it for one purpose that is pertinent content.

Tip # 3 No Compulsory Sign-Up.   You must not make signup on the website compulsory to the customers. They should be able to place an order without signup on the website.

Tip # 4. Employee Smart Forms.      On check out page, where possible you must make sure of auto-fill option that is possible through using smart forms, for example, Google auto fill and auto detect forms can detect credit type automatically.

Tip # 5 Show the Incentives.   If you are able to provide your customers any type of incentives then make sure it is visible on the checkout page. For example, you can offer free shipping or free returns that is clearly mentioned on this page.

Tip # 6. Add Security Seals.  All the customers want to keep their credit card information hidden and out of reach of hackers, If you add security seals and logos of secure payment gateway it will surely have a positive impact on customers.

Tips # 7. Optimize for Different Screen Sizes. Your checkout page should be responsive and able to fit with different types of screen sizes.

Tip # 8. Allow Customers to Save Items.  You must make sure that while customers have not yet completed orders, all the items that they have placed in their checkout box, remains saved until the computer is restarted or next visit.

Tip # 9. Add Make Wish List Features. You must add create a wish list feature on your check out page.it will allow customers to add items they like and check out later.

Tip # 10.  Add Option for Checkout or Continue Shopping. As customers like an item, they should be given two options whether to check out immediately to continue shopping as usual. This will allow customers to keep one time saved in checkout while they browse through other items.

Tip # 11.  Add Printing & Email Order Option.  You should add printing order and email order option on the checkout page. This will be a good option for your customers to facilitate them keeping the order details saved on paper and email if they want.

Tip# 12. Inform Users on Adding items in Cart. You must make sure that you let your customers know that they have added items to their cart through a small message. It will make your checkout page more usable.

Tip # 13.  Sufficient Product Information.   It is important that product information is not just on your products page, but also available when the customer is checking out of order. This information can be product size, image, video, summary etc. it should provide a snapshot of what customer is purchasing.

Tip # 14.  Allow Pre-Ordering of Item.  If any of your items is out of stock or not available due to some reason, you can consider users option to pre-order an item. It will improve your sales and loyalty of your customers.

Tip # 15.  Provide Customer Assistance. Make sure you are able to fully assist customers in placing their order. It can be in the form of FAQs, Online chat, Shipping details, privacy policy etc.


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