Layout design trends for web designers have remain unchanged for past couple of years but with changing cyber space, some hot trends can be seen in the field of layout design. Older layout design trends simply consisted of a header, footer, sidebar and content area. It was the expected layout for a regular website. Let us guide you through a series of Hot layout design trends that have the potential to completely change the world of web design as we know it today.

Split Screens

In this category we find a selection of sites that all split the screen using a vertical divide. There are perhaps many reasons to do this. At times a design can really have two primary elements of equal importance and split screens can help to showcase that importance easily.

No More Chrome

The hierarchy of content is primarily done through a left to right organization, which helps make the layout very intuitive. And the chrome to separate navigation from content is simply not needed. Instead, the beautiful products shine through.

Layouts based on Modular or Grid Structures

In these designs each module is intended to flex based on the screen size. This isn’t exactly a new approach, but the introduction of responsive web design has made it even more useful.

Completely feeling the screen

According to this approach, web design adapts to completely fill the screen. This is a subset of responsive design. This lack of scrolling means the content has to be extremely focused and the hierarchy of content clearly established.

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