The design trends ruling the mobile web need to be carefully looked at. Sometimes, when we are overly possessed with the “IDEA” of bringing in too many elements, instead of making the life of the end users easy we just make it cumbersome. Mobile screens have limited space to play with and the idea is to understand the kind of end user experience delivered. If you do not feel comfortable using your mobile website yourself, consider the end users who will find the similar information and buy products or services from some other place. Let us look at these trends and make sure not to overuse them so much so that they put us to a disadvantage.


Too Many Fonts Used

There is tendency among the overly concerned mobile UI designers to use too many font families. They want to represent everything in a very classy way. However, they tend to look at everything from a designer’s perspective. Think of the level of perplexity that you would add by using too many different types of fonts. The idea is not to overburden the end user with the use of different types of typefaces. Therefore, you need to stick to two font types at the most on your website.


The JavaScript Issues

The use of fancy popup menus may seem to be an exciting one but it surely does not bode well with the user experience. The amount of JavaScript used on a website decreases the page load speed time. Google or any other search engine takes into consideration the amount of time it would take for a customer to load a website. Therefore, it is important not to add to many plugins in your responsive website which would reduce its speed of loading and increase the difficulty of the users accessing it.


Cumbersome Load Screens

The load screens that users see once they land onto the home page should be kept simple. The total number of items placed on the home screen should be minimal to avoid any problems in loading. Similarly, if you try to cram in too many items onto the load screen, it would also make it difficult for the end users to tap onto them. You need to create a balance between leaving too much empty space on the load screen and overloading it with a lot of items.


Parallax Scrolling

The parallax allows you to set background and foreground scroll at different speeds. This creates a special effect that looks good on mobile websites too. But before you go all gaga for parallax you need to understand why many smart mobile web designers are weary of using parallax at all. The worst of all the reasons is that it’s a no-no for SEO. There is also a remarkable decrease in page load speed because of parallax. Lastly, if you want to use a website (which is applicable in most of the cases) for both desktop and mobile, you should probably revisit your philosophical approach towards having a parallax installed.


Front Page Carousels

Carousels are also becoming a hot-trend to be followed by the Web Design Dubai companies and website designers for the mobile form-factor. However do remember that when you want to look different from the rest of your competitors, you need to come up with something unique. If you tend to keep on following the designs that others have already incorporated, chances are that you would end up looking very similar to them. Therefore, make sure you try to apply your own ideas too instead of becoming a “copycat”.

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