In the past, when people were using internet only on their computers, they were pretty much sure that they only need to develop websites for one screen size. However, with rise in use of ipad, smartphones, tablets and other types of devices, there are various types of screen resolutions, ratios that pose challenge for web developers as well businesses to cover them all.  Responsive web design made meeting this challenge lot easier as it offers the web design that can adjust itself for different screen sizes. It is important that different elements are considered specifically for the mobile users while designing website on responsive layout.

In case, you want to develop a responsive website in near future, here are few things that you will need to consider.

 Preserve the Vital Content.

Prioritization is important while developing a responsive website; you should place the content that you want to see on top of the web design.  The appropriate strategy would be to prioritize most important and relevant information above so it becomes more noticeable. You should also focus on quantity as for responsive website less should be considered more. Therefore try boiling your website down to basics in terms of content.

Test and Test Again.

Unless testing, no website can be considered perfect. When you develop a responsive website, it requires even more intensive testing and training. However, unlike adaptive website the testing of responsive website is more complex. All you should do is to collect as many devices as possible and try using different responsive specific tools, perform routine checks on multiple devices with different screen sizes. You can even find out different checklists on the internet that you should be checking for the responsive website testing usability.

Improve Navigation.

 Better Website navigation is essential for better user experience. For responsive it becomes even more critical, just imagine if you visit a website that has unintuitive website navigation then how would you perceive it. The responsive web design that does not have predictable navigation will lose purpose of making it accessible through mobile. To help improve website navigation you must keep the website navigation easy to understand, guess and follow. Otherwise, they are surely going to leave you for competitor if they believe making too much effort on the website with navigation is not worth it.

You can improve navigation of your web design with these methods.

(i)Jump Links.  It is one of most universal and simple technique for making responsive mobile navigation. It has jump link menu that is anchor link taking website visitors right down to the menu items towards footer of the page.

(ii)Drop-Down. It is also very popular choice for responsive website navigations. It works by menu icons lose the navigation below fluid sliding motion.

Keep It Readable.

You must consider that on different types of screen sizes, your website content must readable and this readability should be without any efforts. Many people makes a mistake by making it too small for normal eye that results in increased bounce rate. You must remember that a14px height line of text on 2000 px screen will result in its visibility by cutting it down it 2px and 300 px wide screen. On the other side if you scale it 10px and texting up 7x will become very large to fit in the screen.

Keep It Tappable.

Now a days, almost every screen is touch enabled, so people use fingers instead of styluses. Therefore you must always remember that all the tappable elements on the website are not too small to be touched by figure.  This will significantly affect the usability of your web design. You should consider elements with the size of 44 x 44px that may appear well for touch users. However you must check it through testing that which size will work best for your.

Make Your Images Workable And Flexible.

When you want to design a responsive website, the picture optimization according to small screen is also very important part of it. You must resize it and made it fit well with adaptive sizing for mobile users. It is also possible that that you store multiple image sizes with variable breakpoints in your data for each individual screen sizes. However, this may create problem for data bandwidth usage as it will require reasonable speed to access it.

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