There is a long list of CMS or content management systems based on which you can make your website. However, there is no single thing stopping you from considering an alternate of WordPress. Although WordPress is a great CMS but there are other CMSes that you can also consider. Here are some great things which make Drupal another great option for Website Development in Dubai.


PHP Based Templates

You do not need to make any changes to customize the CMS for your website. The default theme engine used by Drupal is PHP. Well it is not easy to say which one is easier to customize the theme, WordPress or Drupal. However, many argue that it is a lot easier to convert a website based on Drupal than any other CMS. The ability to customize a website based in any CMS is crucial. Web standards keep on revising every now and then. You need to install your website in a CMS which supports the latest website design and development technologies. If you fail to get your website done in a CMS that is updated on regular basis, you would land yourself in a big problem. Let us have a look at the Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website


Outstanding Documentation

There are many CMS available out there which offer great features. One of the reasons they have not been able to become mainstream is their inability to adapt to the changing CMS landscape. Drupal on the other hand ensures that you get all the technical and usage guidance required to successfully deploy it. Therefore, you would not have any problem getting it successfully implemented. There are many official handbooks that you can search, podcasts you could listen to and books to consult.


The SEO (Titles & Meta Tags)

One of the most discussed aspects of content management system has been SEO. Search engine optimization is not easy. Every budding online entrepreneur knows that having an online website does not solve the problem. You also need to make sure that it can be SEO optimized. Therefore, SEO becomes an important part of CMS. There is a dedicated Drupal module which gives you more control over HTML elements, enabling you to customize each page of your website. Drupal makes SEO a lot easier for the webmaster. Here are some of the most important reasons why it has been vouched to be one of the best content management system in the world and you can also find Benefits Of Having CMS Based Websites.


The Drupal Cookbooks is supported widely by the Drupal developers since it is open source like other great content management systems. Unlike the popular misconception that you actually need to have solid foundation of PHP, you actually do not require any training. All you need to do is find the code snippet which works well for you. Whatever problem you are facing, Drupal has been around long enough that someone would have most probably had taken care of that. Therefore, whatever commonly associated problems you may come across have already been taken care of.


Supportive Community

One of the things that keeps a CMS based software going is community support. When it comes to Drupal, there are not many that come close to getting that kind of support. This does not only mean that you would get out of trouble whenever there is issue. It also means if Drupal is used by bigger websites or not. Many big organizations known around the world are now using Drupal for their websites with a lot of traffic. It is fully capable of handling large traffic without crumbling down under pressure. This is a very important trait when it comes to managing large sized websites that receive millions of visitors every month.

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