Your website is live for a few months now, and on the surface, everything seems well, all the graphics, content and other design elements are in place, but you notice for some reason bounce rate is quite high. It seems, people visit the website but leave too quickly or without making any purchase.  It might be frustrating for you but there might be a reason behind it. There might be few elements that your web design agency in Dubai has missed or failed to consider in your web design that are driving customers away. One good thing is that most of them can be fixed easily.

Let`s have a look at most common reasons for people leaving your website too quickly.

 Although the trend of auto-playing music as website loads is fading away but we still come across a website that still has it on their web pages.  Even you will notice sometimes this music is awful and users rush to mute it. Not only is this irrational, unnecessary addition to the website that also increases the page load time. Most of the home users listen to their own music while browsing the internet and therefore not increased in listening to your websites. It distracts them from their real purpose of visiting the website. As a web design agency in UAE, we even come across customers who want to automatically run their company advertising as website loads. We suggest everyone keep things simple, customers are on your website to get some information or make a purchase, keep them focused on what they want to do rather than distracting them with unnecessary elements.

Never try to use advertising in wrong way, nor ask website visitors email address in a wrong way. We come across many websites that when the load does not allow visitors to read content unless they enter their email address and subscribe to a newsletter or close the advertising through a button that purposely made hard to find at first instance.  In addition to that few website make use of popup that keeps opening by it and makes it difficult for website visitors to browse through the website.

 Few designers in an attempt to make the website more attractive looking and catchy compromise on ease of use and functionality.  This also includes overly complicated navigation bar. You must remember, people, do like the good looking website but not at the price of easy access to content. You must make all the content of your website as easy to access and read as possible. Remember, it’s usually quicker for website visitors to quickly bounce and go to another website in case they feel like it is difficult to access the required information. Most of the website visitors will leave if they can’t find what they are looking for within 2, 3 clicks.

 You may have heard about it a lot and there is certainly a lot of truth behind it. As the behavior of internet users evolves, they are increasingly using internet on their smartphones. As a result, having a nonresponsive website can seriously affect you. Google has started penalizing websites that are not optimized for use on mobiles and smart devices. Soon not having a responsive website will mean no website at all. It will also mean you are turning away most of the customers from your website.

 Just imagine, if your most recent news feed or blog post on your website dates back 2015. They will perceive your company is longer operational or working. You must always ensure keep your blogs, news or social media posts regularly updated that will result in decreased bounced rate. Keeping your content updated on regular basis will also improve your search engine ranking.

 Another thing that can annoy for your customers is badly written content. Badly written content is that not optimized for search engine nor engaging for them to read. A poorly written content with many grammatical mistakes can result in turning away your customers. On the other hand, if it is not SEO optimized then it will not do good with ranking either. Therefore, you should always look for the fine balance between perfectly written content and make it optimized for search engine use.

Nothing can make people going away from your website and hitting back button, more than a web page that takes more than few seconds to load. It happens when pictures on your website are not optimized to decrease their size. Having quickly loading website will also reward you in terms of search engine ranking and SEO perspective.

 Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms for the businesses in recent years. Without a surprise, if you are not on social media and have no link to it from your website then you are certainly missing something really important. Social media links on your website not only leave good impression on your customers but also show you are a progressive company. It should be the normal practices for web design agency to always include social media links for all the corporate websites.

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