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Why do we use PHP for Web Development?

21 June 2018

When you are going for web design and development, then the choice of web development languages is important consideration. At Whitehats Design, we can develop website in almost all web development framework and languages however, we do believe in certain requirements PHP is usually the best choice for web development. Many of our clients ask us why we recommend PHP based websites for them, we always tell them, and there are multiple reasons behind it. PHP is one of the most popular dynamic web development languages in use.


PHP is versatile as it allows developers to do server side scripting hence most of website development of the websites that requires username and password to login, download and upload and use shopping cart etc. are developed on this platform.  It is open source and enriched with different features and functionality and huge community support. As most of renowned social media websites like Facebook are developed on it.

let`s have a look on reasons why PHP has been a popular choice among web development companies since long. White hats design is PHP web design and Development Company in Dubai that specializes in PHP based web development

Cost effectiveness.As an open source language, different elements of it are free to use. Large community across different countries is involved in its development. Hence making it almost free of any cost for people who wish to use it for web development projects.

Ease of use.As compared to other languages, PHP is easier to read and understand.  It is based on logical syntax structure with good command functions optimization and creation of web site is easy. Developers who understand HTML can easily get familiar with it as PHP code is embedded in HTML.

Support flexibility. PHP is pretty much flexible as it can be run on almost all operating systems including Mac, Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows. It also support all major servers including Personal web server, Netscape, ISS, Apache etc. This type of flexibility gives developers to perform almost any task that they need in web development projects.

Reliable performance. PHP is highly reliable as either you want to develop small website or large website. you can use it in both cases, even if you need to develop website that needs additional reliability due to heavy traffic still you can choose PHP.

Efficient developments. PHP provides faster processing speed and therefore it offer reduced server workloads. Any web applications that need faster proceeding to get load like ecommerce, CMS and CRM are mostly developed into it.

Better Security. Another feature that makes it preferred choice is its ability to provide layered security. it  prevent any website developed in PHP from hacker`s attack and other threats. Therefore with your website developed in PHP you should feel secure with these languages.


If you are looking for reliable PHP web design and development company Dubai, then you should contact us at +971 4 33 82500. At Whitehats Design, we specialize in all types of website design, ecommerce websites, animation design, and mobile application development.

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