OpenCart is a platform that you can install on your self-hosted server. Make sure that the server you are installing it on supports PHP and MySQL. One of the biggest attractions of using MySQL is that you do not need to make any payment for its use. OpenCart is built on MVC and offers support for multiple storefronts. There are many important functions performed by OpenCart to make your website a big ecommerce success story. Here are some of the most important benefits of using OpenCart for SEO in Dubai.


SEO Ready Platform

SEO or search engine optimization is very important for every Web Development in Dubai. However, many platforms do not offer such kind of integration. You need to go out of the way and make adjustments to basic website structure to make it SEO friendly. On the other hand, OpenCart does not make you work so hard to get noticed by the lords of the internet marketing world (search engines). Create the kind of URL structure which you think would best suit your business needs with super-ease. You can easily make additions like title tag, Meta tag, and headers.


Smooth Integration of Payment Systems

When it comes to accepting payments, there are so many things that you need to think of. However, you need to make sure that the payments you are accepting on your website are securely received. There is no worse scenario for an ecommerce website than to have customers feeling insecure about making payments to them. This is where OpenCart can really make things simple for you. It gives you the choice of integrating any payment gateway you like the most or convenient with. There is a long list of payment gateways you can select from including 2CheckOut, PayPal, iPayment, Authorize.Net, and RuPay.


Support for Several Currencies

Online businesses may not necessarily be offering products or services to just one country. For this purpose, they need to make sure that their customers are able to pay in any currency of their choice. Therefore, you need to facilitate your customers by giving them the freedom to pay in any currency their choice. This can be a big bottleneck if you are letting customers make payments in currency of their own choice. OpenCart lets your customers make payments in currency of their choice. OpenCart also supports several languages for making it easy for customers to understand the product or service that they are about to buy.


Reporting System Integrated Within It

There is a built-in reporting system within OpenCart. This is particularly important for management that wants to evaluate online sales performance or analyze other business parameters. You can easily make changes to the way your products are displayed on your website. You can also take care of discounts, promote specific products, and create an affiliate program. Share multiple delivery options with your customers by entering the details via this system.


Easily Load Images

It is not easy to upload images on most of the web platforms. You have to go through torturous processes which make the life of the webmaster a lot more difficult. OpenCart also lets you place watermark on your images so that they become copyright protected.

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