Today, mobile apps are developed and used for various purposes. Like smart watches, smart cards, IoT-enabled products and devices and much more. The use of mobile apps is no more limited to mobile phone devices.  Many professionals believe 2017 and future of mobile apps present a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs, users and mobile app development companies. Cloud-based mobile apps and services have been in demand from few years.  Understanding of these trends is important as if you are looking for web design and development company in Dubai for mobile application development you may consider following future trends that will make an impact shortly.

Let`s have a look on current and future mobile app development trends.

The Rise of Location-based services (LBS).

LBS or location based service has been in demand from quite sometimes. Now a days most of the devices use GPS to identify the user location.  Location-based Services are expected to evolve further in the near future and will provide mobile app user real-time information about different products and marketing offers based on their location. Location based service will be used in various areas including apps related indoor mapping, payments services on location basis, groceries shopping and offers, travel, security, etc. Technology giants are focusing more towards offering users more customized and personalized services.

Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

The use if Augmented Reality into mobile apps has long been considered as a gimmick. However, with the time, as it has been started to use for web design and development, AR is making also its place into mobile apps where it is being used in smart wearable products into the picture. AR tools are more developed than ever before and can now be used in mobile apps effectively. For example, words and language recognition in messaging apps can be used.

Trend of Instant Android Apps

The need for instant apps that user don’t need to download was felt since long Google has recently announced the instant app features to enable mobile app companies to develop such apps that can run directly. Such instant apps will become more common and will be used in large numbers in future. So you don’t have space on mobile or can’t wait downloading it any worries you can still use full features mobile app.

AI  (Artificial Intelligence ) Embedded Apps.

 Similar to web design and development trends, AI will also be influencing future mobile apps. Just Imagine having an application that can understand what you need through your mood can change colors and offer you more personalized services than ever before. Thanks to AI tools that will become embedded into mobile apps in future to deliver best possible mobile app experience. The use artificial intelligence in mobile apps will become the norm.

The rise of IoT integration.

Internet of Things may soon become a reality, and we can expect its boom very soon. Since IoT products will become popularity in every household. Most of these devices will be controlled through mobile apps. Therefore IoT-based apps will be in huge demand. In addition to that IoT, tools will be integrated into mobile apps to improve their functionality. Health, education, finance, automobiles almost every industry will get benefit from IoT integration.

Applications running without the Internet

With increase in use of cloud based applications and services that has ability to synchronize and share data on real time basis . it will be a common trend to use such apps that can be used without internet. As smart phone penetration has grown in urban and ruler areas business operating in such areas where penetration of internet is not equal there will be more application that can be used even without internet.

Application Security will be the most important issue.

As the use of smartphone devices will become more common, the security concerns will be a top most important matter for all these devices. Therefore security will be key features that future mobile applications will need to introduce in their mobile apps. Mobile apps with better security and access control will more in demand.

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