Mobile apps development has gained massive importance in recent times especially for developers based in Dubai and UAE. As a hub of global economy and events, Dubai has attracted large enterprises and millions of tourists in past few years. With a smartphone penetration reaching to 78%, demand of mobile apps development is reaching new heights.

It is also worthy of noting here that with a hike in the demand of the mobile apps developer, market has also seen entry of some exquisite developers that can easily woo even the biggest sharks of the market. Any multinational executive or large scale enterprise owner considers following points before they drop an order for a mobile app development.

There is an interesting fact to highlight the utility of mobile apps that only 4% of the promotional emails sent into a client’s inbox are read but on the contrary 97% of the push messages forwarded via mobile apps is read by a smartphone user.

There are various platforms available for developers in Dubai and UAE that can help them earn decent amount of money for their talent and innovative designs. It is better suited to be equipped with latest tools of Mobile apps development to attract stronger market giants.

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