Internet economy is growing globally at an unprecedented rate. As a result, having a good website where users can buy your product and services or explore more information has become more important than ever before. Not only having a website is essential but it should also have everything that can turn website visitors into customers. Without exception every business wants to have a great website that can help their business grow. But unless you turn website into online sales person, you are not going to achieve the purpose.

This process should starts at website designing phase when you make decisions on its layout, structure, navigation and content etc. Think about what sales person offers to customers, keep it in mind while planning for website.

At Whitehats Design, we always focus towards your long term success; therefore, whenever you contact us for ecommerce website design in Dubai, we make sure every part of your online store is developed while keeping your business objectives in context.

Here are guidelines that you should consider to turn your website into a better sales person.

Just imagine you have a store on the corner of high street, will you ignore customers when then walked in through the door?  Or they will be greeted with friendly welcome, giving them some information how your store is arranged while assisting them if they need the help of any kind? I am sure you already know the later approach can be more successful. So since your website is your shop online, then why not try to offer the same? This can be accomplished in number of ways like , assuring your customers they have come to the right place , a clear site structure, easy to use predicable navigation , clear call to action, prominent help or contact information and appropriate placement of call to action.

Once you have engaged your website visitor with good welcome gesture, the next you should try to build or establish a relationship of trust with them. In physical store you may do it while talking to the customers while telling them why they should trust your brand. This may include multiple things from the store environments, to location, the way they are treated etc. In online store this can be with regularly updating with your website, so online customer know that you are active online and interacting with other customers as well, this may include testimonials from the past customers etc. you can improve trust levels by actively interacting with customers through online chat features and social media integration.

One thing that most of the people ignore is that, while going through decision making process to make a purchase, customers always try to get more information about the products they need. As access to internet is growing, people are increasingly turning to internet to search about product. In physical store setting, your sales person may provide customers more information about different products by acting as in as expert. You should do so same online, establish yourself as an expert, provide customers informative content. This will also increase customers trust levels but remember be informative rather than forcing to sell products through it.

It is very important that you believe you offerings can make a difference and can solve the problem of your customers. Almost everything revolves around it. A certain amount of faith on what you are selling is required. If you act like confuse or not able to satisfy the clients about what you are selling or what problem are you trying to solve then it is not going to influence your customers. Be prepare and ready to provide what, why and how answers with objectives information of your offering.

A sales person is not good sales person , if he does not known about his customers, including their likes, dislikes, preferences, motivations and concerns etc.  Just put yourself in place of customers and think as one of them to evaluate what you want from service you are offering. Also research about them, have conversation with them in order to learn better about what they want. Apply what you learn, take immediate action on their feedback. You can also customer`s behavior online to learn how user experience can be improved. May be you need more content, better explanation or design changing. Keep learning and applying to improve yourself.

At Whitehats design, our ecommerce website design and corporate web design dubai always ensure that every website we develop perfectly deliver marketing to target audience in an effective way.

Failures are part of every journey, Use them to improve yourself.  Every great sales person does the same. Success comes from consistency, if your latest strategy, marketing campaign is not working as you expected, learn from it, apply this learning and more on.

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