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Killer Tips for Better Front End Design

04 April 2017

Technological advancements had a huge effect on customer’s behavior. Today`s mobile devices are developed to display better graphics and images. Website visitors are more attracted to colorful animated designs. Therefore building modern looking web design is need of every business however it is even more important to have a striking balance between modern look and functionality. The modern technology and more powerful browsers provide much greater flexibility than ever before.


Front End design refers to parts of your website or software that interacts with users. Whole user experience mainly depends on it.  Your front end design can help you to stand out of the crowed Therefore it is important to get it right.


Here are few tips and techniques to have better front end design.


Make it Modern Looking


The first step of having good website design is to have a modern interface. This interface should include a design with features, and elements based on current styling trends. In most cases, a fully responsive interface with seamless working across devices is required. While there are still a large number of websites exists that don’t have a fully responsive design.


A modern style should be based on simple easy to understand approach. It`s hard to go wrong with a simple design with plenty of whitespaces, using a bright color palette with flat elements. You should set a goal for each and every page, and not to forget to provide a clear call to action buttons. Once you follow these basics, you can later make use of other graphics and animated elements like videos, and animations, etc.. However you should keep one simple tip in mind that is “Keep it simple.”


Incorporate Strong Visuals


A good front end design is not complete without the use of strong visuals. If you think a visual element is not very good, you should not use it only use the visuals that you think will have long lasting effect on customers. Use of strong visuals like Photos, videos, illustrations having shape and highly quality effects can draw users more into the website. That means the user will spend more time on your website.


Such visuals are easily available from different websites, try using oversized pictures and videos at build first impressions. Or you can also incorporate a simple animation to delight and surprise users.


You should be using high-resolution pictures, vector based files for illustrations and CSS for image based icons and user interface elements.  For example, a tool like TinyPNG can be great for this.


Use Purposeful Animation


A thoughtful and purposeful use of animation in design cans reality turns out to be great front end design element. Different modern interface animations can be hover actions, screen movements scrolling; all are the part of it. Such elements can become an additional source of customer engagement and keep them with the design. A purposeful animation can also become a source of a central theme for overall web design.


Don’t over Complicate


One of the biggest web design trap in which people get trapped is over-complication. While making some serious efforts to do something new you should not over complicate things. Design website in a logical way that should be predictable and easier to understand. Users should not have to spend unnecessary time on finding the information on it.


You should be using patterns and flows for navigation between pages with clearly visible links to other pages.


Keep it Professional Looking


You should have an idea how you want your website look while making it modern looking loaded with animations you should not be getting it look nonprofessional. You can use modern tool and frames but still keep it simple and professional. It should look like a purposeful design that is truly representing what you are trying to sell through your website. If you are taking help of a professional web development company, they should be able to help you with the look. Furthermore, you should also explore websites with a different design to have an idea how your website should look.


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web design company in dubai

Having successful Website is not as hard as you might think. It comes down following…

front end desing services dubai

Technological advancements had a huge effect on customer’s behavior. Today`s mobile devices are developed to…

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