When you are talking about Corporate Web Design Dubai, there are certain things that need to be taken seriously. Corporate or business websites are a lot more than mere appearances on the web. They are reflective of the brand that you want to associate yourself with. Therefore, you have to be very careful not to miss out on these important elements that complete the experience of a proper business website. Let us have a look at each one of them.



The usability of corporate websites is very important. There are a lot of things that contribute to usability. Usability is defined as the ease of use with which visitors can interact with your website. In case your website is not very friendly, it will rank poorly in terms of usability. A website that is difficult to use will only means increased bounce rate and more problems for the website visitors. Therefore, always keep in mind the importance of the ease of use.


Information Layout

The layout of the information is an important part of the overall website browsing experience. In order to make sure that your website is noticed by the website visitors, it must have clearly structured information. For example, instead of trying to put text in large chunks, divide them into paragraphs and add headings on top. This approach helps the website visitors decipher the information easily. Similarly a search option on top helps the website visitors find any information that they are looking for without any problems. The ability to search information on a website forms an important part of the accessibility. Always make sure that your website visitors are easily able to find information  placed anywhere on your website, unless it is something you do not want to share with them.


Navigational Structure

The navigational structure should be simple. The home or top menu helps the users navigate to important parts of a Website Design Dubai. There are some pages very basic and important for any website. The most important pages that any corporate website needs to have may include the following; About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, Legal Disclaimer and Copyrights. About Us page tells about the company and discuss its own vision, mission and self-philosophy. The Services and Products pages discuss the services and products offered by the company. The terms and conditions page discusses the rules that you need to adhere as a website visitor while interacting with it. The disclaimer page helps you clearly state any user discretion and free yourself of potential legal obligations. Copyrights page tells the users about the various intellectual property rights that you have towards them.



Modern business websites need to be responsive. This means they should work well on all types of devices i.e. smartphones, tablets and desktops. If your website fails to adapt to the screen size, it does not go well with the algorithms of search engine. The search engines have cast serious doubts about websites that do not resize to change in screen sizes. More of the internet users are increasingly relying upon smartphones and tablets to access information on the web. Therefore, a business website needs to be adaptive in order to cater to the requirements of its visitors.


Call To Action

Call-to-action items are also very important for websites. A call-to-action item creates an important way of engaging website users. Therefore, when you are using call-to-action items, you are ensuring greater levels of user engagement. There are many call-to-action item examples that can be added. For example, if you are running an ecommerce website, it may have product popups, letting the website visitors know about new arrivals. Or, an interactive form through which the visitors can get additional information. There can be different ways in which you can use call-to-action items to enhance interaction with your website.



There are different analytics software packages that can be installed on a website. The analytics is very important for any website. Some of the analytics are free while others cost money. Google Analytics is a prime example of an excellent tool that is free for basic usage and offers a lot of valuable information about your website. When you are using Google Analytics on your website, you can keep a tab on the problems and improvements required on your website. Install Google Analytics to know the things that you would have not been able to know otherwise.


Branding Guidelines

The branding guidelines define a lot of the aspects of a business. When any company establishes itself as a brand, it focuses on distinguishing itself from the competition. In order to ensure that your website goes in sync with your print material, you must adhere to your branding guidelines online as well. This means using the same type of font family that you have intended for your brand and trying somewhat similar web colors by matching with the HTML color codes. Use the same logo that you have used elsewhere.

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