Steve Burnett once said, “Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience”. Communication is the life blood of an organization. In business messages are conveyed through several channels of communication including internet, radio, television and word of mouth. This article throws light on instant messaging in businesses.

Instant messaging is a form of communication over the internet that offers transmission of text based messages from sender to receiver. It may address point to point communications as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. Even though instant messengers as a social tool have started losing their customers with the emerge of social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, it is continuing to make a mark on the business front with its efficient tool for keeping in touch with business colleagues and time critical applications.

So what makes instant messaging an important part of the business?

Messages can be sent instantly and replies can be instantaneous too. Similarly one can chat with various people at the same time or participate in conference sessions. Instant messenger has no restriction location of the sender or receiver. Your colleague could either be in the next building or in another continent.

Whitehats believes in providing the best technology products to our esteemed customers. We are partners with BigAnt messenger that has a history of more than eight years and a complete chat server solution in Dubai, UAE. BigAnt boasts of the following additional features:

Chat server with secure, encrypted message:

BigAnt encrypts all communication through network. It includes all the features such as content filtering, encryption, legal compliance and message archiving.

Transfer files and folders:

Instant messaging becomes even more powerful collaborative tool when combined with features like file sharing.

 Live Chat:

This is a value added feature of BigAnt which can be easily integrated with your company website so that your visitors can chat with your company representatives.

Voice / Video Chat:

With the leading edge VoIP technology video and voice chat has become a smooth and easy process. It takes approximately 5kbs for the bandwidth usage and helps one switch video size between full screen video and video in a window.

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