Not long ago, we all heard too much about 3D and though soon all TVs and Movies would eventually be 3D and everyone would soon be watching all the stuff through polarized glasses.

However, 3D TVs and Movies proved to be just hype as its production is pretty much ground to halt. So you might think that all of the VR will more or less same and will be eventually dead like 3D. But you might be wrong this time.

One of the things to consider is that Virtual Reality is now making its way into the Web, and it can easily be predicted it’s going to be pretty big hit in coming years; this will change many current technology trends.

Everyone involved in web design is eventually going to be affected by these trends.

Let`s have a look how VR and AR is making its way into Web already.

Until now, VR content access online is subjected to two things; one is a headset, and other is an app that makes it possible for you to view VR in your web browser. However, now all this is changing as all of the major web browser companies are working to provide support for Web-based VR in their upcoming versions.  The open standard will make it possible to experience VR in a Web browser without needing to install an app.    This means that by next year ordinary web users will be able to interact with VR content with just one click. This will massively increase the use Web-based virtual reality.  Web APIs are already available for Firefox Nightly builds, Chrome 56+ for Android etc.

Way Past the demo stage

Until last few years, Web VR was at the experimental stage where it was not more than something that is just a demo, however, now developers claim that they are way past it now and can work on the real application of virtual reality to real life, real people and real scenarios.

We today have quite a few examples where companies are already using Web VR on their websites. Like Sotheby International Reality is allowing its customers to see the rooms through VR before booking . their website supports for 3D and VR tours.  It should not take long before this all become demand of many other companies.

In many ways, the use of VR in web design will open up new windows of possibilities. Just imagine you want to book a hotel room but not sure about how good that hotel is. Will it not be a good idea just to put headset, click a button and virtually wander around the area by sitting at your home?  You are interested in attending a conference perhaps you want to be part of it however. it’s going to be held in another part of the world. Will it not be nice to participate and attend the conference through VR?  It is just one aspect According to Peter O` Shaughnessay San Francisco`s shortage of housing crises can be resolved through remote VR working. Another way is in hospitals it can be applicable in many ways. For example, Some medical trials suggest escapist VR is an effective pain reliever. Just imagine text-based world has made world closer, how much VR can do the same?


While there is increased production and availability of headsets that are making it possible for consumers to access VR, the increased availability of open source libraries is also making it easier to create VR content. There is already VR content creation framework available such as PlayCavas, SketchFab, and Vizor, etc that means even developers that are not much skilled in using VR can work on building VR based applications quickly.  So the Bottom line is creating VR based content is no more complex perhaps it’s getting easier day by day.


There is another reason to believe in the fact that VR is going to become mainstream in the near future is that many venture capitalist and investing into it right now.  A consortium  (VR venture Capital Alliance) has already announced $10 billion worth funding in VR  and AR-based projects.  That means there will be a lot of work going in it in near future.

Another point to note that virtual reality-based market is growing too with forecast to be worth $162 billion by the year 2020.  Many experts believe that this technology has potential to become the biggest advancement since the development of visual and text/writing-based communication. The reason is knowing some things, or having knowledge about something are two different things. According to Technology Guru and entrepreneur Mark Pesce “knowledge can be transferred through text/writing but not the experience.”  Experiencing something has much more impact than reading text only. Web shares the knowledge and now with VR and AR, we are going to share the experience in the same way.


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