The selection of appropriate color combination has a huge impact on overall web site design, it`s look that ultimately affects the conversion rate of website. Psychologists believe color scheme has a high influence on customer perception about your business. That`s why world renowned brands spend considerable amount of time and money on making their color combinations for their logos, product packaging and web designs etc. When more than 60% of acceptance and rejection rates depends on the colors your web design company choose for your website then it must never be ignored.

If you or your web development company don’t know how to choose the right colors then your website design will stir up different moods with users.  When used in the right way these colors will create a Powerful first and long lasting impression. The biggest challenge in choosing the color scheme is making the right combination that not only looks good but reflects your businesses well.

Here I have discussed different factors that you should consider while determining the color scheme.

First point that you should consider while choosing color of your website is the products and services that you are selling. Certain colors may not be good for your colors for example if your website intends to make website for selling Green or environmentally friendly products then choosing red and orange color will not be a good idea. However, you must be using any shades of green or earth tones for it. Try choosing the color that matches closely with the type of product that you are offering.

While deciding the most appropriate colors for your website, your web development company should always consider your audience when deciding on the appropriate color for a website; consideration should be given to the target audience. If your target audience is elderly people then it may not be suitable color for teens and younger generations.  In addition to that use of very bright colors, like red blue etc. may also cause eye fatigue, driving visitors away.

Many people consider having a contrast of different colors in background helpful. It should be selected by choosing punches the body of website page forward while keeping the focus on the website. It is a better idea to use calm colors for the background that should make content easy to read.

 Relate Color to Highlighted products.

As discussed earlier, it will be good idea to related products or services to specific colors or industry you are operating in. Different colors have different tones and moods that help you to distinguish from others.

 But Remember!

 In case your web design company try to use too many colors to make your website impactful it does not necessarily need to be full of colors. However you can apply up to 3 colors at maximum. Keep your site simple and don’t try to make it a rainbow of colors.

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