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How to Choose SEO friendly Domain Name for your Website?

22 October 2017

When it comes to generating traffic on your website, your domain name and URL play a big role in it. Not only will this be the place on the internet from where your customers will get in touch with you and it will have


impact on your search engine visibility.  While you can choose from many different domain options, you should follow some best practices that will help you in achieving optimal SEO results.

Although ICANN recognizes more than 1500 top-level domains (TLDs), does not mean it makes choosing domain any easier.

To make sure, you get right domain for your business, you must consider following tips.

  • Start with Keywords.

You must have clear idea what you are looking for, therefore before getting your favorite domain register take some time to conduct research. This research does not necessarily include looking at competitors domain name. You can start with having 3 to 5 keywords in your mind. These keywords should indicate what you want and what type of domain name you need. Mix and match your keywords and have a look how they can work together and make sense. Just let it flow and you will start getting different domain names in your mind. In order get help this process you can use Prefixes and Suffixes in your domain name to make it more attractive for users. You may explore more about most commonly used words here.

  • IT should be Unique.

Your domain name should be unique and be able to stand out in competition. After all its part of your brand and customers will use it to recognize your business.  Always avoid getting the domain name that resembles your competitor’s brand name as it can lead to confusion.  Don’t try hard to become so unique that it makes it difficult for your customers to remember the name while changing the spelling may also lead you to trouble as you may lose traffic as well as someone may end up purchase domain name with correct spelling that or yourself may have to purchase another domain with correct spelling to redirect traffic. You may always consult with web design company to help you with it.

  • Go for a .COM

You should always prefer .com domain because if you are looking to establish your domain name online then nothing can be better then it.  It is perfectly fine to redirect your website however you must prefer .com or equitant TLD.  There can be a number of reasons for it but your users are the most important one as they are likely to remember domain name with .com. Many customers are unaware of the availability of other TLDs.

  • Make It Easy to Type.

You must always avoid using difficult words in URL as if it is hard to type people will not be able to visit it while it will be frustrating for your customers that may result in making you suffer as a result.

  • Make it Memorable.

Although word of mouth marketing is pretty old, it is still one of the best methods. If you want your brand to get spread through word of mouth then you should create the domain that is easier to remember. Just remember what having good website will get if your customers can not remember it.

  • Keep it short.

You must always keep your URL as short as possible because shorter URLs are not only easier to remember but also show up in search engine results with the complete web address. In addition to that they look better, fit well on your business cards etc.

  • Create and meet Expectations.

You must understand what sort of expectations you want to create when you hear someone hear or repeat your domain name for the first time. By hearing your domain name they should be able to grasp what you do and what this brand is all about. Therefore choose domain name that reflects what you do for example Amazon, Google , Hotmail , etc. all sound cool and reflect domain name pretty well.

  • Build your brand.

In case, you are not able to find good domain name as per suggestions discussed in previous sections. It will be great idea to use unique moniker and create some extra value for your brand. However, you must remember such brand building efforts may slow down your gain traction as compared to simpler and straightforward brand name. However, with the correct use of a technique, your branding efforts can be helpful for long period of time.

  • Don’t fall for trends.

Trends keep changing therefore, you should not fall for these trends or you should not be copying what someone else is doing. It will ultimately lead you to the wrong path and will cost you in long run. You must in all cases avoid wrong or odd spellings with lot of hyphens or number it will not be easy remember.

  • Try a domain selection tool.

If you feel it difficult to get an idea, you should not worry, you may find many tools on the internet that will make it easier for to search and select domain names. For example you may try tools like DomainBot , Expired domains , Names Tumblers etc. ( find out this list here , however, you must follow all the best practices when searching domain name for you.


Your domain is also part of your brand identity. It’s where you do business. Just like any other business on high street where you location matters a lot. Having a domain should clearly give your customer’s message about who you are and what you do without second thought. You must not simply register a domain name but should spend some time in choosing the right name for you. Alternatively always discuss your ideas with your web designer. If you are looking for web design company in dubai then you can contact us at +971 4 338 2500 for free consultation.


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