Ever thought why some websites have such high conversions while the others are merely dragging their online existence without being of much commercial use? Emotions added to the websites are very important for so many reasons. The first, being the fact that when a website has a dull appearance, it does not appeal anyone. The second thing is that a website that does not ignite any emotions will not persuade the potential customers to take any action. Lastly, an emotional website is remembered by the customers longer than the one that does not have any emotions. So here are the few things through which you can make your Website Design Dubai more emotional.


Use of Colors

The use of right colors is very important for any website. There are different approaches to color. Supposedly there is a color theory which dictates which color exhibits what type of emotions into the website visitors. The companies that have engulfed the entire internet world by storm also follow certain color patterns. You need to study those different expressions that you would be able to create using the colors. Colors make everything vivid. One way of knowing if you are going with the right colors is to have a quick look at the competitor’s’ websites to know if the colors used by you would be accepted with your website.


Call To Action Items

The call-to-action items were considered something obtrusive and not wanted. Now they have become now. Everywhere you see on the websites, you would see different call to action items popping up everywhere. The idea is to make sure that you are engaging all the visitors coming onto your website. Call to action items are another way of engaging the website visitors. Consider if you have a website visitor who is on a product page. What if the prospective customer has a question about the product? Wouldn’t it be great if you have already anticipated it and added the call to action item from which the website visitor can ask question? Therefore, always add call-to-action items, they are an important part of a website’s DNA.


Visual Elements

Visual elements are very important for adding emotions to a website. There are many things that can be added to make a website visually appealing. The links and the colors that you give to them make up for an important part. The color scheme for links must help the users identify and differentiate between different types of links i.e. normal, visited, active and hover. There are many big websites that add these elements. These elements do not just make the website look good but also help the visitors easily navigate to various parts of the website. For example, if your website’s visited link can be vividly distinguished, customers would be able to know that they have visited any given link before and they do not need to revisit it. Other important elements that can be tweaked accordingly including forms, buttons, form validations, status messages, backgrounds on large screens, html elements, website email formats, page stretching, and popups.


Add Humor Where Possible

Humor creates a lasting sensation into the minds of the website visitors. There are many websites that are already using these humor elements to make sure that the customers enjoy their stay or user journey. For example, the monkey in the mailchimp.com website makes it vivid and easily distinguishable from other websites. Similarly, the use of a robot within the moz.com website helps the users remember the brand, easily differentiating it from other Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai.


Tone of Voice Used

The type of tone that you use on your website is also very important. The way you are communicating with a website plays an important role in determine if your website will be remembered by the users. Try to add humor to your tone or voice wherever appropriate. You can also try using a serious or other kind of expression depending on the seriousness or lightness of the subject your website is related to.

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