Mobile apps have become important of our lives. Thanks to the extraordinary increase in numbers of people who are using smartphones these days. Smartphones have intelligently replaced PCs in a lot of things. However, have you ever explored if they could benefit your small business organization too? Here are a few important benefits that your small business might be able to achieve using mobile apps. At WhitehatsDesign Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, we make sure to keep you informed about the latest on your project.


Increased Traffic

The increase in website traffic is one of the challenges that keep on becoming more difficult with each passing day. There are so many reasons for which we have to work harder with each passing day. The amount of inbound traffic that you can receive can be significantly increased using a smartphone application. The links that you have included in your mobile app would help the users easily find the information that they are looking for. This increase in traffic is free because after successfully developing a mobile app there aren’t any other hidden costs involved.


More Business Revenue

The native mobile development ecosystems, both Android and iOS, now support a lot more features. For example, earlier websites could only be used for doing ecommerce. However, modern mobile apps allow you to make purchases right from your smartphone. This ease of use for the end users allows them to make easy buying decisions without having any problems. Amazon and many other ecommerce websites have already developed buying applications using which the users are able to buy any product that they want without having the need login on to their PCs.



An important aspect of having a mobile app is connecting socially with your customers. A lot of small businesses these days have social sharing buttons. These social buttons allow the smartphone app users to easily share the content of the app. These sharing buttons allow the users to share it via other mediums too like Skype and Email. When you take care of these small yet important items allowing users to easily share the information, you are not only making the life of the end users a lot easier but also making sure that you are getting a lot of buzz.


Communication with Customers

The real magic of a mobile application is that it allows customers to engage with the content. There are many ways of engaging the mobile app users. You can add a small feedback form to get information. There can be polls or quizzes added to the smartphone app. Another simple way is to integrate your blog with the mobile app. This way you would be able to showcase the latest published content within your application. A mobile app for your small business therefore provides you with multiple ways of communicating with the intended audience or you customers.


Push Notifications

Another important benefit of having mobile applications is that it allows you to push notifications. Businesses can use the application to send messages to the end users. Imagine if you offer discounts, offers, deals or other important promotional information to your customers. A smartphone application provides you with a direct, effective and free way of sending information to the audience. You can also use these push notifications to send reminders or let them know about any product or service arrivals.

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