Just imagine, your e-commerce web design company has recommended you that your website needs a facelift to keep up with the latest trends and technology changes.  You being honest even may think it looks too ugly to be true while comparing it to latest trends. You may even feel bad about attaching it to your brand name.

So the only solution will not be just a few tweaks but a complete reinvention by hiring E-commerce web development company in Dubai, that will be bringing whole new concept and design. With that, you may think about use of cute cartoon characters, High-resolution background photos or even background video, lots of colorful graphics to make it a breathtaking design that may costs you a lot as well.

But have you considered how this full of graphics and colorful design will affect your website conversion rate?

Perhaps all of your strategy in developing such design may be wrong because

According to advertising guru Ogilvy, who conducted research on the use of flashy graphics and images for advertising purposes discovered that “images can reduce your readership” and in terms of a website, it will increase bounce rate. This is because images are good at grabbing attention but in the absence of any clear call of action or attractive content, it is completely useless. However, that does not mean you should not be using graphics. You should but there are best practices, and it is important that these best practices are acted upon to make it a better website.


Here are these best practices that even your web development company in Dubai may ignore.



You must understand, not all graphics and images are good. Perhaps some are enough to turn away your website visitors away very easily. All emerging web design shows that era of stock images is over. However, you can use your own or product images with good quality sharp colors to get good results.  When it comes to conversion the rule is simple anything that turns your customer away will have an adverse effect on customer conversion rate. Every image that is not relevant is a waste of space.


Here are few types of images that you should completely avoid. These will not only distract your website visitors but will also create an impression of incompetence about your pages.



Remember one last important tip on use of graphics

A few months back, Google discovered that loading time of e-commerce website is an important factor because an increase in load time from 0.4 seconds to 0.10 seconds can significantly reduce traffic that may be up to 20%. Would you like to lose that much traffic? Off course no. If you know it all, you may also be aware that graphics increase the time it takes to load a website.

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