Google Cloud Next 18 day 1 has concluded with various announcements that were sure to get undivided attention from IT professionals and managers. One of such important announcement was the launch of Google Cloud Build a new continuous integration and delivery platform.

Although the infrastructure as a service is available for over a decade, there is still significant room for growth in this sector. It is expected that global spending on the public cloud services will cross $180 billion this year which is just a small fraction of overall IT spending.

Recognizing this huge potential for growth, Google has announced its cloud service that will facilitate organizations to build, test, and deploy software quickly that will streamline the whole development process.

What is Google Cloud Build?

In the past, applications often required substantial lead time and development cycles with higher risks of missing out product delivery deadlines. With this cloud build platform that offers fully managed, continuous integration / continuous delivery platform CI/CD, new versions can be released within days.

According to Google director, Cloud platform service is developed to allow you to modernize applications at your own pace. In other words, it will put it resource both on-premise and Google platform to work as consistent development, management, and control mechanism.

What it Offers?

These services include first on-premise fully managed Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Kubernetes environment (Google managed environment).  GKE on-premise service will be available soon, while customers will also get unified multi clustering management for Google cloud platform with other features like on-premise, centralize monitoring, hybrid identity and access management for better security. In addition to that, it also includes GKE policy management that will allow administrators to create a single source of truth for policies that automatically syncs with enrolled clusters.

GKE serverless will also be made available as an add-on that will allow customers to deploy serverless workloads on Kubernets Engine with just single step.

This new cloud build will work across a verity of environments that includes VMs, serverless, Kubernetes or Firebase. It will support Doker containers that will enhance developers’ capability with automated test and deployment.

The deployment will be made simple by using triggers subject to meeting certain condition allowing update launch automatically.  With this, you will be able to identify vulnerabilities in your packages before deploying so you can build locally and deploy in the client as per your requirements.

In case of any problems, this cloud build will provide analytics and insight that will allow you debugging process with build errors and warnings while filtering them to easily identifiable slow builds or with other issues you want to see before live deployment.

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